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New iPhone now in production, say Taiwan suppliers


Component suppliers in Taiwan have reportedly started deliveries to Foxconn and Pegatron – the two OEMs that manufacture iPhones — for production of the next-generation device, which is expected to be released in September.

Initial shipments of the new iPhone 6S in Q4 are expected to reach at least 50 million units, a source familiar with the iPhone supply chain told DigiTimes.

Total iPhone shipments in 2015 are expected to reach 230 million to 240 million units, compared to 192 million units shipped in 2014, the source forecasts.

Taiwan-based suppliers such as Pegatron, Zhen Ding, Flexium and Largan Precision have all had to expand their production facilities to meet rising orders from Apple, DigiTimes said.

Record iPhone shipments have helped boost their sales as well as others, including Catcher Technology, Foxlink Technology and General Interface Solution (GIS). GIS last month reported a 60 per cent increase in its fiscal Q3 revenue thanks to strong orders from Apple.

The world’s largest contract chip manufacturer TSMC reportedly will supply chips for the next iPhone models.

Last week Bloomberg reported Apple has started early production of devices, which feature a screen including the “Force Touch” technology introduced by Apple’s Watch. Force Touch enables the device to differentiate between “a tap and a press”, enabling users to access different functions based on the intensity of the input.

Externally, it is possible Apple will use a stronger grade of aluminium which is 60 per cent stronger but still lightweight, and which has already been used in the Watch wearable.

Also suggested is a new colour variant – pink (likely to be called “rose gold”, echoing the colour used in Apple’s Watch line).

Internally, the device is likely to gain a faster processor, called A9, alongside 2GB of RAM. The camera is also likely to be upgraded to 12MP.

Source: Mobile World Live-Joseph Waring

Mini features the latest Telematics & Infotainment technology

The new MINI driver assist systems.

Intelligent networking between the MINI, the driver and the outside  world create new ways to enhance driving pleasure, extend the range of  comfort functions and provide the latest services in the area of  in-car infotainment. Since its launch, MINI Connected has been the  market leader in the area of in-car technology, pioneering access  to apps and services to both assist and entertain driver and passengers.
In future models MINI will roll out a number of innovative  driver assist systems that also use intelligent networking for the  exchange of information between driver and vehicle.  The new functions  transform the MINI more than ever into its driver’s assistant and  offer innovative comfort and safety technology.
When it comes to the development and configuration of new driver  assist systems, MINI exploits the BMW Groups’ worldwide leadership in  innovation in this area. Networking technology has been used for the  targeted exchange of information between driver, vehicle and the  outside world for more than 40 years. Innovations like the radar-based  distance warning device (1972), the world’s first on-board computer  with exterior temperature display (1980), the first navigation system  fully integrated in the vehicle from a European manufacturer (1994)  and first Emergency Call system, still unique to this day, first  introduced in 1997, are among the milestones set by the company in  this area. As early as 2007, interface technology for integrating the  Apple iPhone in the MINI operating system was introduced. Since 2011,  additional online-based functions can be integrated in the MINI  Connected package with the help of apps.
The MINI head-up display helps the driver concentrate on what is  happening on the road by displaying relevant information right in the  driver’s line of vision.  This can be seen quickly and conveniently  without having to take your eyes off the road. The collision warning  and pedestrian warning systems, including city braking function make  it easier to avoid dangerous situations, particularly in city traffic.  The MINI parking assist feature offers maximum comfort in searching  for and using parking spaces, while the reversing camera gives drivers  a better view when manoeuvring.
Other innovations in the driver assist systems for MINI include  the video-based speed and distance control which automatically keep a  safe distance from the vehicle in front, and the speed limit  information system, which detects and displays speed limits as they  apply to the current section of road. This system is supplemented by  the no passing display and traffic sign memory functions. The digital  headlight assist function contributes to optimum visual conditions  when driving at night. This system helps the driver use the full range  of headlight functions. Oncoming traffic and preceding vehicles are  registered by a camera, while automatic switching to dimmed headlights  avoids causing a nuisance for other drivers.

Source: BMW