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Prestige cars no longer passé with car thieves


A whopping 32% of all stolen vehicles recovered by TRACKER in 2016 were valued at less than £5,000.  The age, mileage and even brand of a vehicle doesn’t appear to matter to vehicle thieves as much as motorists may think, which should serve as a stark warning to the average car owner, advises stolen vehicle recovery expert, TRACKER.

Interestingly, confirming the demise of the prestige car as the thieves’ number one target, the average value of cars stolen and recovered by TRACKER in 2016 was just over £16,000, down from over £19,000 in 2015 – a 13% drop in value.  Over £11.5 million worth of stolen vehicles were returned by TRACKER to their rightful owners last year, a notable 10% year-on-year increase for TRACKER.

Whilst the most expensive car recovered by TRACKER in 2016 was a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG worth £120,000, the reality is that less than 1% of stolen vehicles TRACKER recovers are worth between £75,000-£120,000.

Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER and a former Chief Superintendent for South Yorkshire Police, comments, “Understandably, many vehicle owners think that organised car thieves typically target high end prestige cars. Yet our data tells us that criminals continue to target more affordable, popular brands, such as Ford, Vauxhall, and VW models. Indeed, these were stolen in record numbers last year, with the lowest value car stolen and recovered being a VW Golf worth £400.

“If people think their car isn’t worth enough for thieves to steal it, think again. 3 out of 4 stolen cars we recovered were worth less than £20,000.  The message for all motorists is to protect their car from thieves or as we say at TRACKER – if you love it, track it!”

Unlike other devices, TRACKER’s unique technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even when they are hidden in a garage or shipping container. TRACKER has been reuniting car lovers with their vehicles for over 20 years, and it’s this expertise which makes TRACKER the leader in stolen vehicle recovery. TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won’t even know it’s there.

London remains top spot for stolen and recovered cars in 2016


According to the latest stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) figures for 2016 from TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), London continues to top the list of regions where cars were most stolen and recovered. Essex comes in second, ousting Greater Manchester which moves down to seventh place.

The most popular car among London’s thieves is the BMW X5, which also hit the most popular stolen and recovered lists in Essex, the West Midlands and Merseyside; the BMW X5 was the most stolen and recovered car of 2016 overall.  The most expensive stolen car that was recovered in 2016 was a Mercedes Benz from London worth £120,000.  TRACKER’s figures also reveal that a Mercedes C Class worth £2,000 was the least expensive car stolen in London in 2016, proving that thieves don’t just target the cars of the rich and famous.

“London is the theft and recovery hot spot for the fifth year running, proving that the Capital is a major draw for criminals,” explains Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER. “However, there have been some interesting shifts in regional theft and recovery activity when we compare 2016 to 2015.  Leicestershire – which tied 10th with Lancashire in 2015 – and Hertfordshire have both disappeared from the 2016 league table and South Yorkshire makes an entry at 9th place. West Yorkshire jumps up the table to 5th place, joining Kent. Surrey, like London, remains static at 6th place.”

“What’s also important to note is that the average value of vehicles stolen and recovered dropped to £16,436, down from over £19,000 in 2015. Thieves also target more affordable, yet popular brands, such as Ford, Vauxhall, and VW models which are stolen in even greater numbers.

“Although a TRACKER device won’t prevent a vehicle from being stolen, it’s clear from our figures that they do increase the chances of it being recovered and returned by the police. We continue to work closely with all UK police forces and in 2016 we assisted with 62 arrests, helping to close the net on the criminals.”

Unlike other devices, TRACKER’s unique technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even when they are hidden in a garage or shipping container. TRACKER has been reuniting car lovers with their vehicles for over 20 years, and it’s this expertise which makes TRACKER the leader in stolen vehicle recovery.

2016 2015
1. London and Greater London 1. London and Greater London
2. Essex 2. Greater Manchester
3. West Midlands 3. West Midlands
4 & 5. = West Yorkshire/Kent 4. Essex
6. Surrey 5. Kent
7. Greater Manchester 6. Surrey
8. Merseyside 7. West Yorkshire
9. South Yorkshire 8. Hertfordshire
10. Lancashire 9. Merseyside
10. = Lancashire/Leicestershire
Source; Tracker

TRACKER figures show the North/South car theft divide


The North/South divide is often a cause for debate; however the latest figures from TRACKER show that 64% of cars stolen in the north of England in 2015 were stolen with keys. This compares to just 42% of cars in the south being stolen using keys. It’s clear that all car owners need to be vigilant, when it comes to keeping their car keys safe, but motorists in the north should be particularly vigilant urges TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery expert.

When it comes to the favoured models, car thieves in the north of England appear to prefer Mercedes Benz, whilst their counterparts in the south favour BMWs. However, figures indicate that a high percentage of vehicles in the north of the country are stolen by means of car key burglaries, frequently referred to by the police as ‘Hanoi’ or 2-in-1 burglaries, where thieves target a specific address where a desired vehicle is parked or garaged.

Supporting TRACKER’s research, West Yorkshire Police report that thieves committing burglaries in some parts of the county have switched their attention to stealing keys to take vehicles, rather than taking electrical items, money and jewellery. However, the reality is that offences where cars are stolen by means of burglary carry a much higher sentencing tariff than cars stolen by means of conventional vehicle theft.

Mercedes ML63 AMG stolen without keys.
Vehicle found on false plates and 1 arrest was made.

Meanwhile, in the south, car thieves tend to focus on compromising electronic security systems and key cloning, leading to the Metropolitan Police listing vehicle theft as one of its top seven priorities. The microchips embedded in keyless fobs emit a signal to the car which thieves are then able to intercept and copy, allowing them to start the car remotely without the owner’s knowledge. Stealing cars in this way carries a shorter jail sentence, reduces the risk of being caught red-handed and therefore serves as an additional incentive over car key burglaries.

“It’s clear from our survey and police reports that motorists need to take extra steps to protect their vehicles from thieves, but especially people in the north of England,” explains Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER. “Car owners need to be aware that thieves are always finding ways to crack manufacturer’s security measures, whether it’s hacking a vehicle or stealing the keys. This is why fitting a tracking device is fast becoming a vital part of modern security for car owners.

“Stolen vehicle recovery technology offers motorists an added level of protection from criminals. A tracking device won’t stop a car being stolen, but it will increase the chances of police finding and recovering it, even if it’s hidden in a garage or shipping container, making it the best way close the net on thieves.”

Unlike other devices, TRACKER’s unique technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even when they are hidden in a garage or shipping container.  TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won’t even know it’s there.

Source: Tracker


Nationwide Repairs teams up with Ctrack for Advanced Vehicle Tracking

Nationwide Repairs, the leading and largest comprehensive automotive repairer in the UK, has selected an advanced vehicle tracking solution from Ctrack.

NationwideRepairs NewsPicture680x235

The company will use the web-based Ctrack Online tracking system to monitor 40 vans that are part of its Mobile Car Repairs service, with a view to adopting the system across its nationwide network of mobile technicians.

Ctrack Online will replace an existing tracking system that no longer met the needs of Nationwide Repairs in terms of ease-of-use and reporting capabilities. It will be used by a team of 10 schedulers, based at the company’s office in Northwich, Cheshire, to ensure that technicians are operating in-line with their daily plans. The system will also help schedulers to identify the nearest and most appropriate technician for any incoming, ad hoc jobs during the day.

The tracking system will use power take off (PTO) sensors to track the usage of built-in power units that are used to generate electricity and compressed air when at a customer’s home during a repair. As a significant overhead to the business, Nationwide Repairs wanted to be able to monitor how long the generators are being used at each job, the associated cost of the fuel used, and if any potential savings existed.

Nationwide Repairs will also use Ctrack Online to create a number of reports that will provide added insight into the performance and productivity of its fleet operation. In particular, a detailed driver behaviour report will highlight any speeding or harsh driving that occurs, so the company can identify areas of improvement and better engage with the technicians regarding road safety. This will help Nationwide Repairs to protect and improve its industry-leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating.

Dean Heath, UK Technical Manager at Nationwide Repairs commented:

“We needed a tracking tool that was easy to use and would work effectively alongside our existing job scheduling and mobile computing systems. Ctrack Online will provide the added visibility and control we need to maximise the performance of our Mobile Car Repairs service, and ensure we are operating in an efficient and responsible manner at all times. We have worked closely with the team at Ctrack to develop a telematics solution that meets our exact needs, so we look forward to achieving measurable benefits moving forward.”

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said:

“As one of the leading providers of vehicle tracking and telematics systems, we are best placed to help overcome some of the most common and difficult challenges faced by fleets. Our extensive range of solutions deliver real advantage by enabling customers to address business critical performance issues as a result of greater operational visibility, control and efficiency.”

Source: Ctrack

UK Government Telematics Incentive

Vehicle telematics agreement to improve safety and save money for the public sector

The UK Government has launched a vehicle telematics agreement to help the public sector improve fleet safety and efficiency.

This brand new agreement has been developed to help organisations manage their fleets more effectively by improving safety and efficiency through the use of telematics technology.

Telematics enable fleet managers to monitor things like fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour. This data can then be used to look at ways to make significant cost reductions based on the whole life cost of vehicles.

The agreement was developed in conjunction with police, ambulance, local government and central government customers and features a range of suppliers, all of which are small and medium sized businesses.

The benefits of vehicle telematics for public sector organisations can be significant:

  • vehicle tracking supports the management of risk, driver safety (including two-way communication), work planning and vehicle usage
  • potential reduction of insurance premiums
  • better understanding of driver behaviour can help improve safety by identifying driver training needs
  • reduction in emissions through effective driver behaviour management, fuel consumption efficiency and future vehicle selection
  • aids whole life cost analysis and management by tracking servicing, maintenance and repair costs on vehicles
  • for vehicles which are in private user schemes, telematics can help distinguish between operational and private use to help with expenses and tax returns
  • supports duty of care and regulatory compliance, for example, tracking drivers who drive for long periods of time.

Through the realisation of these benefits we expect public sector organisations to be able to save £3 for every £1 invested.

Find out more about the new agreement and how it can help you improve your fleet safety and efficiency

If you would like advice on any of our innovative fleet management solutions or help understanding which options best meet your specific needs, please get in touch with our category experts:

Source: UK Government

Trackstar announce the continuation of their Stolen Vehicle Tracking partnership with BMW


Trackstar, Trafficmaster’s stolen vehicle tracking business are delighted to announce the extension of the current BMW contract until the end of 2017. This extension follows 6 years of successful partnership working with BMW UK and their dealer network to develop the BMW Trackstar programme.

John Lawrence, Managing Director Trackstar stated: “We have continued to invest in the programme and have introduced new functionality with plans to launch further new features in the next 12 months. I am delighted that BMW UK values our partnership and has decided to extend our contract to enable their customers to experience the benefits of our investment in product features for many years to come.”

Recent developments in Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking include the forthcoming launch of the Trackstar Advance system in addition to a customer interface which provides online access to location and mileage journey data. Trackstar see current and future investment in the technology behind the programme increasing customer appeal, in addition to their core responsibility to support customers in the event of a vehicle theft.

Nick Jones, Technical Accessories Manager BMW Group UK commented: “After so much work has been invested by both the Trackstar team and BMW UK, I am pleased that the partnership has been extended to enable us to build on the foundation that we have created in recent years.”

Trackstar, part of the Trafficmaster Teletrac group, is the only approved provider of Stolen Vehicle Tracking products and services to BMW UK. The Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking unit will continue to be the sole system technically tested and approved by BMW UK for distribution through their Dealer network.

The decision was based on strict criteria, ensuring that BMW UK provide the best Stolen Vehicle Tracking option to their customers and appoint a partner capable of meeting the high standards of service and support required by BMW UK, its Dealer network and customers.

Source: Trafficmaster

Michelin acquires Sascar, Brazil’s leading digital fleet management company

logo brazilthTXV9DBTKSascar announces that it has signed a final and binding agreement, which provides for its sale to the Michelin Group, which shall assume 100% of the shares of the company. The negotiation is subject to the approval of CADE and other typical authorizations for the transactions of this nature.

Customers from both companies will benefit significantly from the existing synergies of the business. Michelin has a b presence with the large fleets, in addition to a representative network of dealers throughout the country, while it has a great relevance along with medium and small sized fleets, as well as with independent self-employed transporters, shippers, insurance companies and private individuals, with national capillarity also.

Michelin is leader in all the markets of tires and services related to mobility. As a world reference, Michelin has a history of 130 years, which contributes to its long-term vision. Today it is one of the 10 most recognized brands in the world, regardless of the sector; it is in Brazil for more than 30 years and counts on almost 5,000 employees in the country. Sascar, on the other hand, is leader in management of fleets and tracking of vehicles and loads, which can optimize the use and saving in the consumption of the tires of the French company by its customers.

We take this opportunity to inform that the Board of Directors of the company continues in the performance of their functions, seeking to increasingly consolidate Sascar in the position of market leader in the monitoring of mobile assets in Brazil. Mr. Márcio Tabatchnik Trigueiro remains in the position as CEO.

The goal of Sascar is to maintain and even accelerate its growth planning for the next years by joining forces with the Michelin Group, expanding the focus of activity in the market.  We have initiated a quite relevant moving and we shall position ourselves even more broadly in the sector.

For more than 15 years operating in national market, Sascar is specialized in management of fleets and monitoring of vehicles and loads, preparing the customers to face the challenges associated to the management, productivity, and safety aspects. Sascar is the single company in the segment to operate at large scale with  GSM/GPS technologies, via Satellite and Radio Frequency. Sascar’s solutions provide real time monitoring of vehicles tracking fuel consumption, speed, drivability, routes, and paths, reducing costs and increasing the profitability of the company customers.

 Sascar has been growing consistently in the last years, with an annual rate of 15% to 20% since 2010, far above the GDP evolution. Always searching for innovations, the company invested in the last three years about 40 million Reais in research and development of new technologies, having a robust and prepared technological platform for great growth. With more than 230 thousand active and tracked vehicles, the company has an installation and technical assistance structure with more than 400 field technicians, besides of the largest own commercial team in the segment. In 2013, the company was elected by the members of NTC & Logística as the best provider of monitoring services in the Brazilian market.

Source: Sascar