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Antennas & Cable Assemblies for improving Smart Meter performance

C23SP-SSmart Meters can be installed in remote areas with limited network coverage so antennas & RF cable assemblies play an integral part in the performance of the Smart Meters in these situations.  Co-Star supply a range of Panorama antennas that offer excellent performance across a wide bandwidth which are designed to improve the network coverage and enable better performance when transferring and monitoring data over the cellular network the performance of the devices.

Good network coverage is vital to the performance of a smart-meter and a good quality antenna can improve the performance  by  maximising the signal strength and enhancing  the LPB-7-27-200x200network coverage.

Co-Star have a specialised range of Panorama antennas for smart meter applications that work across all cellular frequencies including: GSM/2G/3G/4G and have different mounting options to suit the location, environment & type of device.

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Co-Star also manufacture RG58 low loss coaxial cable assemblies used to extend the cables on antennas. These can be supplied in any length and with any combination of connector including: SMA, FME, TNC, N series and even Reverse Polarity connectors. We manufacture these in the UK and can turn them around very quickly so if you have an urgent requirement than please let us know. We can also manufacture cable assemblies using other low loss coaxial cables including LMR400 for applications that require long extensions.

Below are a few different option of the antennas & cable assemblies that we supply but we have many more. Please call or e-mail us for more information: t: +44 (0) 1423 340066 e: sales@co-star.co.uk

Antenna Smart Meter/M2M/Vending Machine Cellular

Low Profile Cellular & LTE Multiband Antenna Panorama

FME Female – FME Male RG58 Cable Extension (5m)

Introducing the new Co-Star M2M Adaptor: SMA female to TNC male

Application: M2M  Product: SMA female to TNC male adaptor Product code: CF.28

Co-Star, the UK based supplier to the Mobile Communications industry has designed a coaxial adaptor for M2M applications that converts an antenna terminated with an SMA male to TNC male.
SMA female to TNC male coax adaptor

Antennas used for M2M applications are often fitted with a standard SMA male connector, however some manufacturers of wireless routers have adopted a TNC female as the preferred RF connector. To re-crimp a TNC connector can be time consuming and would require specialist tools and equipment.

The Co-Star adaptor has been designed to simply screw into the factory fitted SMA connector on the antenna providing you with a professional and cost effective conversion in seconds without the need to alter the original connector.

John Groves, an M2M Engineer commented “This adaptor is a great idea as it allows engineers working on-site to quickly re-terminate antennas without using additional tooling. Sometimes you can arrive in a remote area to install M2M equipment not knowing if you need SMA or TNC connectors to complete the installation, these adaptors give us the flexibility to complete the job.”

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Co-Star’s other range of between series coaxial adaptors include:

Co-Star makes life easier for M2M installation engineers with latest RF crimp tool

ht336g-bCo-Star, the global distributor to the mobile communications industry has designed a must-have crimping tool for Communication engineers who install Mobile Data equipment on site.

Field engineers who install mobile communications & M2M equipment often have to transport an array of tools to carryout installations and testing of wireless routers, antennas and cables and are sometimes required to work in remote areas. To make life a bit easier, Co-Star has designed a two in one RF crimping tool that is capable of crimping both RG174 and RG58 coaxial connectors including: BNC, FAKRA, FME, Mini UHF, N type, TNC, SMA & SMB.

The tool is especially useful when crimping RG58 SMA &  FAKRA connectors as you would normally have to use two separate crimping tools. The Co-Star HT.336G tool combines both and allows you to crimp the gold centre pin and the barrel with just one crimping tool.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star said: ” We developed the RG174/RG58 crimp tool to make life easier for communication engineers working on site. It means that that they only have to carry one set of tools instead of two for terminating antennas and making cable assemblies. Most of the  latest 4G wireless routers have either SMA or SMA reverse polarity RF connectors so when installing an antenna to optimise the routers performance you need to terminate them with the relevant SMA connector, that’s where our HT.226G is particularly useful as the engineer can carry out both crimping functions with just one tool.

“We recently supplied a large volume of the tools to a large utilities company who were installing remote monitoring equipment across the UK and needed to make up cable assemblies to connect antennas to 4G wireless routers on site. The engineers were able to produce the cable assemblies quicker and the company made a huge saving on tooling costs”.

The HT.336G has a ratchet mechanism that will not release until sufficient pressure has been applied ensuring a consistent professional crimp every time. The ergonomic handles  make the tool comfortable and very easy to use on a daily basis.

  • Crimps both RG174 & RG58 RF connectors – Two tools in one.
  • Will crimp both the gold centre pin and the barrel  on SMA & FAKRA RG58 connectors.

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About Co-Star
Co-Star are a UK based Global distributor to the mobile communications industry. Their product range includes: 4G Antennas, Wireless Routers, RF Cable Assemblies, RF Connectors & Adaptors and installation tools. Source: Tim Cosgrove. Co-Star

Co-Star see significant increase in sales for M2M applications

Co-Star the UK based Global supplier of Mobile Communications equipment have experienced a huge increase in sales of Antennas and RF cable assemblies for M2M (machine-to-machine) applications.

The Antennas and RF cable assemblies are designed to maximise the signal strength and improve the performance of mobile devices that contain mobile phone style SIM cards to transmit  data and control equipment remotely using global cellular networks including GSM & 4G.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: ” We have been working flat out manufacturing RF cable assemblies for M2M applications over the last twelve months to keep up with the demand, we are able to make a diverse range of cables using  high quality low  loss RG58 coaxial cable with connectors including FME, SMA, TNC and N type  to our customers specification and offer very fast turnaround times, we have received orders from all over the World.

An M2M company based in Australia recently approached us to work on a project for a Wine company who needed Antennas and Cables to  control sprinklers on a vine yard remotely. The area covered hundreds of miles and the technology allowed the owners of the vine yard to monitor the weather forecast and react quickly to changes in weather conditions helping them to protect the vines and maximise the yield”.

Co-Star have  also seen a substantial growth in sales  of multiband Antennas that work across global cellular networks  and are used for M2M applications including Smart Meters, Vending Machines and remote advertising systems.

M2M has helped companies from all industry sectors to become more  efficient, responsive and accurate.

Source: Co-Star