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Co-Star provide USB power for people in car’s, buses and trains.



The Co-Star range of panel mounted USB charging ports  are  designed to be professionaly fitted on the dashboard or facia of cars and commercial vehicles or underneath the seats on buses and trains and comes complete with a facia plate. A dedicated USB port to charge all the latest mobile devices whilst people are on the move.

The twin port version has dedicated ports to charge the latest Apple (port 1 for Apple 2.1amp) and Android (port 2). A compact multi-purpose charging point that works well in confined spaces for all the latest mobile devices including Apple i-phones, i-pads, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Co-Star have manufactured the USB cahargers using a tough  marine grade material that is flame retardant and offers high performance in harsh demanding environments. A prorective cap is also included to offer added protection.


To highlight the location of the USB charger Co-Star have added a stylish blue LED indicator which is particularly usefull when fitting the chargers in buses, coaches and trains,  helping guide passengers to the charging point.

The USB socket is compatible with the latest charging leads that come with the latest i devices, smartphones and tablets. The twin socket allows two lots of equipment to be  simulttaneously charged. For added protection the socket comes complete with a protective cap for use in harsh environments and adverse weather conditions.

The chargers are connected to the vehicles battery, fuse box or wiring loom by connecting female 6.3mm connectors on to the 6.3mm male connectors on the charger.


Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: ” Co-Star have designed the innovative range of USB chargers so that they can be installed into a wide range of vehicles. Just recently we received an order from a large London taxi company who wanted to offer passengers the facility of charging their mobile devices whilst in the black cabs. We have also supplied them to bus and coach manufacturers and train operators who like them as they offer passengers the facility to both charge their devices and keep them charged if working on the move.








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Image 1 Front of the USB charger.

Image 2 Rear of the USB charger.

Image 3 Installed in a London Taxi.

Source: Co-Star


Co-Star Supply Hirschmann Antenna For Asset Management Application



Co-Star the UK based global distributor to the ICT industry have added the Hirschmann GPS/GSM combination Antenna to their range off asset tracking products.

The Hirschmann GPS and GSM Cellular combination patch antenna is designed to optimise the signal strength of Telematics, M2M and asset management equipment installed in cars and commercial vehicles.

Co-Star offer two variants of the antenna, both come with two lengths of 1 meter of RG174 coaxial one for the GPS application and the other for the celluar GSM. One is terminated with SMA male connectors for mobile data terminals and other equipment and the other has FAKRA female universal code Z connectors a standard connector for Automotive equipment. Co-Star can supply the antenna with different combinations of connector and cable length please e-mail us for more information.

The antenna is easy to install onto the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle using a strong adhesive pad which is supplied with the antenna.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star Commented ” The Hirschmann Antenna is a perfect match for asset tracking equipment as it can be quickly and easily installed into any type of vehicle and the connectors we supply it with (SMA & FAKRA) are the most common on Telematics equipment. It consistently optimises the GSM and GPS signal and helps our customers get the best coverage for their Tracking devices”.

Source: Co-Star


Autonomous Lorries to be trialed this year on the M6


Convoys of driverless lorries head for the motorway

Automated lorries connected by wireless technology will be trialed on British motorways this year under government plans to be announced in this week’s budget designed to speed up deliveries and cut congestion.

Steering, acceleration and braking will be controlled by the lead driver but all trucks will have an operator in the cab in case of an emergency.

The chancellor is preparing to fund a trial of driverless HGVs as part of a technological revolution on the roads.

The trial is set to take place on the M6 near Carlisle , which could result in convoys of up to ten computer-controlled lorries being driven just metres apart.

Britain is one of the countries at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development and the announcement in next week’s budget is expected to be part of a wider funding boost for research into driverless and connected vehicles.

The move is aimed at improving safety, cutting fatalities and easing congestion on a motorway network already stretched to capacity.

Source: Tim Cosgrove Co-Star

Matt Hancock Wins The Co-Star Table Football Championship


Matt Hancock won the Co-Star table football championship in a fiercely contested final against bitter rival Tim Cosgrove.

Manchester United deafeat Leeds United

Matt was representing Manchester United and Tim represented Leeds United one of the games most legendary rivalaries. The game kicked off at 12pm on Police advise to prevent any potential crowd trouble.

Italian style defending gave Hancock the edge.

An outstanding defensive  display reminiscent of the great Italian defender Paolo Maldini gave Hancock the edge. He exposed Cosgrove’s weaknesses in defence and was ruthless in taking his chances in attack. The battle in midfield was epic with no quarter given or taken it was like going back in time to the feisty battles between Roy Keane and David Batty a  feist for the connoisseur of full blooded competitive football.


Tim Cosgrove commented;

“The games between myself and Hancock are allways ultra competitive and although i’m bitterley disappointed to loose I must give credit to Matt who played the better football on the day and was the deserved champion”.

Source: Co-Star Football Correspondent.


Co-Star develop on-line search engine to enable customers to quickly find correct Dashmount


Co-Star the Harrogate based distributor to the ICT industry have developed an on-line search facility to enable their customers to quicky find the correct dashmount no-holes mounting bracket for their vehicle.

Co-Star are the UK distributor for Dashmount in-vehicle mounting brackets which are vehicle specific and are the only bracket to have full safety approval from TÜV Rheinland, the German Traffic Department. The  approval includes everything from the development, documentation, production, installation an crash test of the product.

The brackets are designed to safely mount the latest mobile communications devices without drilling holes in the vehicles.



Co-Star have added an extensive database of vehicle information including make, model and year of manufacturer designed to simpilfy the search processs.

The Dash Mount brackets are manufactured in Norway using a specialised manufacturing process  and currently consist of over 1500 adaptions for different vehicles.

A close cooperation with the European automotive industry since 1988 has given Dash mount a unique understanding of how to develop mounting solutions for individual vehicles and bring them to market quickly.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented;

” We wanted to enable our customers to quicky identify the correct dash mout bracket for their vehicle. Because the brackets are vehicle specific means that there are 1000’s of varients so we have developed a comprehensive database of vehicle information including the make, model and year of manufacturer which will provide details of the correct bracket in seconds”.

To see the database in action please click here>

About Co-Star:

Co-Star are a UK distributor based in Harrogate who supply the ICT industry globally. Our product range includes: Wireless Routers, Antennas, RF Cable Assemblies and Dashmount mounting brackets.

Source: Co-Star



Co-Star Maximise the Performance of a Peplink Wireless Router Installed on a Luxury Yacht



Wally 148 SaudadeCo-Star a global distributor to the mobile communications industry based in Harrogate UK have helped a luxury super yacht based in Palma Majorca to maximise the performance of a Peplink wireless router used to provide mission critical connectivity whilst at sea by supplying a Panorama MIMO 4G Antenna which has a rugged low profile design suitable for demanding and harsh environments and contains two wideband LTE/Cellular elements and covers frequencies from 698 to 2700MHz.peplink

The Yacht which is manufactured from carbon fiber was impairing the signal internally so Co-Star supplied a ground plane independent antenna mounted externally on the mast of the yacht together with 20 meters of ultra low loss coaxial cable terminated with SMA male connectors to connect the antenna directly to the Pepwave wireless router.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: “We were approached by the Captain of the Yacht who needed an urgent solution to get the best possible performance from the Pepwave device. We supplied an external antenna because the yacht which is manufactured from carbon fiber and caused interference with the router by hampering the signal when used with the standard internal antennas. The antenna was installed on the ship’s mast so we needed long lengths of cable which is why we went for the ultra low loss coaxial cable designed specifically for cellular and WiFi applications offering unparalled attenuation to minimise any signal loss”

Source: Co-Star

Co-Star makes life easier for M2M installation engineers with latest RF crimp tool

ht336g-bCo-Star, the global distributor to the mobile communications industry has designed a must-have crimping tool for Communication engineers who install Mobile Data equipment on site.

Field engineers who install mobile communications & M2M equipment often have to transport an array of tools to carryout installations and testing of wireless routers, antennas and cables and are sometimes required to work in remote areas. To make life a bit easier, Co-Star has designed a two in one RF crimping tool that is capable of crimping both RG174 and RG58 coaxial connectors including: BNC, FAKRA, FME, Mini UHF, N type, TNC, SMA & SMB.

The tool is especially useful when crimping RG58 SMA &  FAKRA connectors as you would normally have to use two separate crimping tools. The Co-Star HT.336G tool combines both and allows you to crimp the gold centre pin and the barrel with just one crimping tool.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star said: ” We developed the RG174/RG58 crimp tool to make life easier for communication engineers working on site. It means that that they only have to carry one set of tools instead of two for terminating antennas and making cable assemblies. Most of the  latest 4G wireless routers have either SMA or SMA reverse polarity RF connectors so when installing an antenna to optimise the routers performance you need to terminate them with the relevant SMA connector, that’s where our HT.226G is particularly useful as the engineer can carry out both crimping functions with just one tool.

“We recently supplied a large volume of the tools to a large utilities company who were installing remote monitoring equipment across the UK and needed to make up cable assemblies to connect antennas to 4G wireless routers on site. The engineers were able to produce the cable assemblies quicker and the company made a huge saving on tooling costs”.

The HT.336G has a ratchet mechanism that will not release until sufficient pressure has been applied ensuring a consistent professional crimp every time. The ergonomic handles  make the tool comfortable and very easy to use on a daily basis.

  • Crimps both RG174 & RG58 RF connectors – Two tools in one.
  • Will crimp both the gold centre pin and the barrel  on SMA & FAKRA RG58 connectors.

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About Co-Star
Co-Star are a UK based Global distributor to the mobile communications industry. Their product range includes: 4G Antennas, Wireless Routers, RF Cable Assemblies, RF Connectors & Adaptors and installation tools. Source: Tim Cosgrove. Co-Star

Tesla to open electric vehicle supercharge infastructure in UK


Tesla the pioneering high end electric car company founded by Elon Musk has installed a network of supercharging stations across the UK’s motorways and plans to open them this summer.

The charging stations are located in the following locations:

  • South Mimms services Hertfordshire at the junction of the M25 and the A1
  • Dover M20
  • Bristol M4
  • M25
  • M1

Tesla’s efforts to build a network of supercharger stations aims to broaden the appeal of electric cars which have failed to gain widespread acceptance in the UK.

The Tesla supercharge stations are capable of giving the electric cars a range of 130 miles with a 20 minute charge enough time for the driver to have a quick lunch break. Owners of Tesla cars will have unlimited access to the charging stations for a one off payment or free with the purchase of the top range vehicles.

Elon Musk is advising the government on electric vehicle technology in a bid to transform the UK’s concept of electric vehicles and break down the millage range anxiety barrier which has been the main factor for poor electric car sales in the UK. The Government is hoping that this initiative from Tesla and other high speed charging stations planned by Ecotricity & ChargeMaster will kick start the electric vehicle revolution in the UK.

The Tesla Model S is capable of doing a range of 300 miles on a full charge.

Source: Tim Cosgrove


Co-Star Amplified Speakers aid communications in noisy environments



Co-Star have developed an amplified communications speaker for automotive and marine applications designed to enhance and increase the sound quality of comms equipment installed in noisy environments including : Public Transport, Emergency Service Vehicles, Airport transportation and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

The speakers are designed to work with all types of mobile communications equipment such as: TETRA, PMR systems, Telematics & Navigation equipment and PA systems.

The volume control allows the user the flexibility to easily increase or decrease the sound to suit the noise levels and maintain good levels of communication. The speakers are compact and unobtrusive and come complete with an angled mounting bracket for flexible positioning.

The speaker is easily connected to the equipment via the 3.5 mm right angle jack plug which is common on most mobile communications equipment and the powe cables are connected to the vehicle.

Co-Star have two amplified speakers, one to suit 12V applications and another for 24V.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented:

” The amplified communications speakers have been a big hit with companies who install communications equipment into public service vehicles. We recently supplied a large number to a company installing PMR communications equipment at a major London airport for use in their fleet of public transport vehicles and they were delighted with the performance in what is a very noisy environment ! ”

For more information on Co-Star’s amplified speakers please follow the links below.

COMM.4/AMP   Amplified Speaker 12 Volt: http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/1110/amplified-communications-speaker-3-watt-12-v.html

COMM.6/AMP  Amplified Speaker 24 Volt: http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/1111/amplified-speaker-3-watt-24-volt-6-amp.html







Co-Star antenna adaptor converts FME female to SMB female

Co-Star have just launched a between series coaxial adaptor that has been designed to quicky convert an antenna terminated with an FME female connector to SMB female.

SMB coaxial connectors are  very  common on DAB and Telematics equipment  but most antennas for these types of applications are terminated with an FME female connector so Co-Star have developed the adaptor to enable engineers to quickly convert the FME female on the antenna to an SMB female without having to re-crimp and use additional tooling.

The right-angle design of the adaptor means that there is less strain on the antenna and it also makes the connection into the equipment easier and more secure.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented;

” We were approached by some of our OEM customers to come up with a solution to quickly change the termination on an antenna from FME female to SMB female for engineers installing DAB radio and Telematics equipment on site.

The antennas are installed to enhance the customers DAB experience so the quality of the connector is vital to the overall performance. It can be complicated and time consuming for engineers to re-crimp the antenna on-site as special tooling is required ,  so Co-Star designed an adaptor that quickly screws on to the existing factory fitted connector and converts it into an SMB female without having to use additional tooling and testing equipment. We used the right-angle design as it puts less strain on the antenna and makes the connection into the equipment secure. It has been a big hit with engineers as it allows them to quickly complete installations “.

Part No: CF.30   http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/3792/fme-male-smb-female-right-angle-antenna-adaptor.html

Co-Star have a comprehensive range of between series adaptors to enable quick and easy conversions on antennas for different applications. For more information please visit our website: www.co-star.co.uk.