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Telefónica becomes Nestlé’s worldwide IoT communications provider


Telefónica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market has signed an agreement with Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, to provide IoT communications in more than 50 countries for their Nestlé Professional coffee solutions, aiming to support the company´s  digital transformation.

Nestlé’s main objective is to monitor the coffee solutions’ parameters to optimize customer experience and increase business efficiency. To do this, they have integrated Telefónica’s Smart m2m Solution, a best-in-class platform to manage and control IoT communications developed entirely by Telefónica, which is already serving more than 2,500 customers globally, across all industries. New Nestlé Professional coffee solutions will incorporate the telemetry solution while legacy versions will have an add-on module that will provide them with the same capabilities.

Telefónica will provide Nestlé with best global IoT connectivity, enabling Nestlé Professional to interact with their coffee solutions. Nestlé will be able to control all key solutions’ parameters, optimizing the end user experience – for example adjusting the coffee taste. Additionally, Nestlé operations will be more efficient thanks to remote configuration and predictive maintenance models.

Henri de Roo, Global Head of Business Applications, at Nestlé commented: “Telefónica enabled us a new way of communicating and interacting with our coffee solutions at a global scale, allowing us to personalize our customer experience. We trusted their capabilities to deliver this project and they were able to respond to our needs beyond their own network footprint.”

José Luis Gamo, Telefónica Business Solutions’ European Corporates & Multinationals Director, stated: “This key commercial deal demonstrates our global reach and enduring relationship with Nestlé who has trusted Telefónica this time to provide cutting-edge connectivity across the globe. We aim to empower all-sized companies with prominent communications to help them lead the digital revolution ahead and consequently better serve their own customers”.

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Telefonica Empowers Automatic Labs with Leading IoT Solutions

 connected cars


Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has signed a global multi-year agreement with San Francisco-based connected car company Automatic Labs.

Automatic Lab leads the industry with its integrated automotive cloud services and apps, making the connected car accessible to everyone from individual consumers to large corporations. Telefonica is providing Automatic with its renowned IoT services and solutions, including Telefonica’sGlobal SIM service, a single platform for the provisioning and management of all global SIMs.

Automatic’s global business plan requires a single management platform, performing all the centralized provisioning, along with SIM lifecycle management functions. Combined with flexible, granular rate plans and local market knowledge, Telefonica perfectly suited all these requests. Furthermore, the digital Telco, which counts with global and local leadership in the IoT, will offer a Global Service Management solution using a single Point of Contact. Additionally, Telefonica will support the hardware selection and design of the communications model that best fit the services needs within different networks around the world.

Cars are the second largest expense in our lives, with the average family spending more than £5K on their vehicle each year. Studies have shown that even small adjustments to driving habits can save consumers up to 35-percent per year on gas. Automatic empowers drivers by brining their car online, providing valuable insights into their driving habits and vehicle health, while connecting their car to the IoT.

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