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Faurecia and Parrot Automotive partnership to accelerate connectivity and infotainment solutions for the automotive industry



Faurecia have announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations for a strategic partnership with Parrot Automotive, a leading supplier of infotainment and connectivity solutions for the automotive industry.

The technological expertise of Parrot Automotive combined with Faurecia’s global strategic customer relationships would make a powerful combination for applications and platforms for connected vehicles. The completion of this project could result in Faurecia progressively taking control of Parrot Automotive. The first step would be an initial 20% participation in Parrot Automotive through a reserved capital increase based on an enterprise value of 100M€ for 100% of Parrot Automotive.

At the same time Faurecia would subscribe to a convertible bond issued by Parrot SA which would allow Faurecia to increase its shareholding in Parrot Automotive to 50.01% from 2019. By 2022, Faurecia would also be in a position to own all of the shares in Parrot Automotive.

Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia said: “This investment in Parrot Automotive would give us a solid base in electronic applications and infotainment for connected vehicles. Combined with our interiors and HMI expertise, this partnership would enable us to offer a connected user experience with outstanding perceived quality.” The automotive industry is undergoing a technological revolution in terms of connectivity and autonomous driving. Faurecia’s vision of the cockpit of the future, which it unveiled at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year, is that it will be: – Connected, through smart HMI and integrated electronics that provide enhanced intuitive connectivity among people, vehicles and the outside world – Versatile, for various occupant scenarios, with a focus on safety, well-being and comfort.

Depending on the driving mode, occupants will be able to adjust their position in the cabin, and additional consoles and screens could become available; – Predictive, for improved safety, comfort and convenience. The use of sensors and big data will allow the predictive cabin to develop the ability to anticipate, learn and adapt automatically to each occupant’s needs and situation. This project is subject to consultation with the employee representatives of Parrot Group. It is expected to close in the first quarter 2017.

Source: Faurecia

Parrot Automotive Unveils Latest SDR Chip For Next Genneration Connectivity

Parrot unveils its latest SDR chip “O3+”: worldwide radio reception combined with Parrot connectivity solutions


Parrot unveils its latest SDR chip “O3+”: worldwide radio reception combined with Parrot connectivity solutions

Parrot unveils its latest SDR chip “O3+”: worldwide radio reception combined with Parrot connectivity solutions


Parrot Automotive, a leading player in the field of Connected Automotive Infotainment and the best-in-class provider of radio solutions in mobility, is proud to introduce the Octopus 3+.

Building upon the market-proven Octopus 3, Parrot “O3+” takes digital and analog radio reception to the next level. The current generation is already deployed through major European, Japanese and Chinese OEMs and enables global radio reception: AM, FM, DAB, DAB+, DRM, DRM+, DVB-T2 Lite and HD Radio* standards. Aside from this worldwide tuner, the Octopus 3+ embeds an ARM Cortex-A5 processor with a fully-featured Linux system running Parrot well-known connectivity middleware for Bluetooth, telephony, voice recognition, media, etc. The chip also features an Ethernet, CAN and USB interface.

The O3+ is running the state of the art processing algorithms that made the success of the Octopus Chip Series: fast and accurate channel estimation, multipath rejection, Doppler Effect compensation and MRC diversity. Thanks to its background scanning and diversity capacities, the Octopus 3+ is also an all-in-one high-end radio solution. As a result, it enables best-in-class reception of radio in motion, even at very high speeds. The Octopus 3+addresses all major radio standards deployed throughout the world, thus providing car makers with a single solution for global deployment, lowering R&D, testing and qualification costs. The Octopus 3+ plays its part in building an increasingly connected in-vehicle environment at an affordable cost.

In addition, this universal component delivers the processing power required by any variation of smart antenna or media box application. The Octopus 3+ is offered to all major Tier-1 auto suppliers as a reference design.

“We are proud to bring this cutting edge tuner-processor to the automotive market: the Octopus 3+ enables worldwide tuner capabilities and media features,” says Éric Riyahi, Executive Vice-President at Parrot Automotive.

Source: Parrot Automotive