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Co-Star Enhance the Network Coverage of Swiss Avalanche Mountain Rescue Teams Comm’s Equipment





Co-Star have helped to enhancing the critical cellular network coverage of an avalanche rescue team based in Meilen Switzerland by suppling a Panorama WM11-DBOX wall mounted antenna.

The WM11-DBOX is a high gain, directional antenna that provides a simple, cost effective way of improving the range of a GSM or 3G networks by transferring high network coverage from the outside of a building to the inside. It can also be used to ensure better connections between machines by offering improved antenna positioning.3G signal is often affected by structural factors resulting in low signal inside buildings. This multiband, ultra high gain panel antenna transmits the 3G signal in the direction of the nearest base station to ensure optimum signal strength.


Designed for mounting on a wall or mast, the WM11-DBOX antenna is waterproof and UV stabilised to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the Swiss Alps.

The antenna comes complete with two ultra low loss coaxial cable extensions (2 meter & 10 meter) which are designed to minimise any signal loss and are terminated with SMA connectors which are the most common RF connectors for mobile communications equipment.

About Co-Star: Co-Star are a global distributor to the mobile communications industry based in Harrogate UK. Our product range includes: Antennas, Wireless Routers, Coaxial cable assemblies and installation consumables.

For more information on the Avalanche rescue team please click here>

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Co-Star Maximise the Performance of a Peplink Wireless Router Installed on a Luxury Yacht



Wally 148 SaudadeCo-Star a global distributor to the mobile communications industry based in Harrogate UK have helped a luxury super yacht based in Palma Majorca to maximise the performance of a Peplink wireless router used to provide mission critical connectivity whilst at sea by supplying a Panorama MIMO 4G Antenna which has a rugged low profile design suitable for demanding and harsh environments and contains two wideband LTE/Cellular elements and covers frequencies from 698 to 2700MHz.peplink

The Yacht which is manufactured from carbon fiber was impairing the signal internally so Co-Star supplied a ground plane independent antenna mounted externally on the mast of the yacht together with 20 meters of ultra low loss coaxial cable terminated with SMA male connectors to connect the antenna directly to the Pepwave wireless router.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: “We were approached by the Captain of the Yacht who needed an urgent solution to get the best possible performance from the Pepwave device. We supplied an external antenna because the yacht which is manufactured from carbon fiber and caused interference with the router by hampering the signal when used with the standard internal antennas. The antenna was installed on the ship’s mast so we needed long lengths of cable which is why we went for the ultra low loss coaxial cable designed specifically for cellular and WiFi applications offering unparalled attenuation to minimise any signal loss”

Source: Co-Star