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Altice, SFR and SIGFOX Announce Strategic Partnership For Internet of Things Services

Altice N.V. (Euronext: ATC, ATCB), an international telecom and media group, its subsidiary SFR, the second-largest French global telecommunications operator, and SIGFOX, the world’s leading provider of global communications service for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced they will integrate SIGFOX connectivity in the group’s service offering in France and internationally. Altice customers and divisions in France and internationally will benefit from SIGFOX Connectivity, which complements the group’s telecom offer.


This strategic partnership launches a collaboration of three players that share the same ambitions: to offer complementary connectivity solutions starting today that democratize the IoT in all sectors of the economy and expand the offer of connected solutions for businesses and consumers.

With its focus on investing in growth, Altice is building an international group based on the convergence of mobile and fixed high-speed networks with media, content and platform services in Western Europe (comprising France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland), the United States, Israel, and the Overseas Territories (currently comprising the French Caribbean, the Indian Ocean regions and the Dominican Republic).

SIGFOX, whose network is deployed in 14 countries and already registers more than 7 million devices, offers an energy-efficient, two-way global communication solution for the millions of sensors waiting to be connected.

“We are convinced that the IoT market is an opportunity to seize now, with a global vision,” said Michel Combes, COO of Altice, Chairman and CEO of SFR. “We are talking about billions of connections. We share the same entrepreneurial vision with SIGFOX and the will to conquer new markets. The availability of the SIGFOX network allows us to bring new Internet of Things solutions to our B2B clients.”

“SIGFOX has always been convinced that the IoT requires a new type of connectivity solution, and that our offer would not compete with services offered by cellular operators,” said Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of SIGFOX. “We are excited and proud to join Altice and its founder Patrick Drahi, to share this vision, and especially to realize the ambition to make the IoT a major activity for the development of both companies.”

In France, where the network already covers 92% of the population, this partnership will allow the customers of SFR, the first operator to launch the fourth generation (4G) of mobile telecom technology in France and an expert in M2M solutions, to benefit from the best of the two offers: high bandwidth and low bandwidth. SFR clients will use SIGFOX connectivity as a complement to existing connectivity solutions, such as 4G or WiFi.

In 2016, SIGFOX plans to cover more than 30 countries with its network. The partnership with Altice will extend in all territories where the group is present, including Portugal with Portugal Telecom, the U.S. and Israel.

The Internet of Things addresses all business sectors and has opened a new space that will help launch many startups. This collaboration will extend this innovation ecosystem and will help develop the supply of connected solutions in multiple sectors, such as industry, agriculture, healthcare, transportation and security.

In France, SIGFOX supports a startup community within the IoT Valley and its accelerator, the Connected Camp, which has around 30 startups today. This community is getting stronger everyday through meetings with developers organized by SIGFOX, and the Makers Tours in France and internationally.

Today, there are more than 100 connected devices compatible with the SIGFOX network and Altice will help grow this portfolio with the help of its industrial clients and the startups supported by SIGFOX.

Source: Sigfox



Vodafone adds Alcatel-Lucent to Project Spring roster

Alcatel-Lucent clinched its first deal related to Project Spring, Vodafone’s accelerated capital spending programme to extend 4G coverage in Europe and 3G in emerging markets. 1287x929_vodafone_logo

The Franco-US firm will act as a ‘supplier of reference’ for small cells with integrated WiFi capability.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but Alcatel-Lucent can now bid on business in all Vodafone countries with its metro cell outdoor small cell products.

It’s a welcome boost for Michel Combes, Alcatel Lucent CEO, who has championed small cells as a key growth area as operators look to boost network coverage and capacity to support growing volumes of data.

Alcatel-Lucent signed a deal with Qualcomm in February to pool small cell R&D resources.

“In being named a supplier of reference, Vodafone has given Alcatel-Lucent a strong endorsement that our small cells will help them to deliver high quality service to their customers,” said Luis Martinez Amago, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s EMEA region, in a statement.

Alcatel-Lucent joins Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and Samsung as Project Spring suppliers (see table).

Flushed by proceeds from the sale of its Verizon Wireless stake, Vodafone set aside an extra £7 billion on capital spending under the Project Spring umbrella.

One investment target is to reach 91 per cent of Europe’s population coverage with 4G by 2016. Another aim is to cover 95 per cent of India’s population with 3G by that time.

The UK-headquartered group plans to invest a total of £19 billion (which includes Project Spring) over the next two years.


Source: Mobile World Live