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Co-Star launch Multi-Function Telematics Antenna for Connected Vehicles



Co-Star have lauched a multi-function antenna to enhance the performance and coverage of the very latest vehicle communications and telematics technologies.

The GPSCO is a versatile antenna for Cellular LTE, WiFi, GPS/GLONASS and is designed to fit quickly and easily onto the dashboard or windscreen of the vehicle using an acrylic adhesive pad that is supplied with the antenna.

The antenna is manufactured using the latest flame retardant and low smoke specification materials and the housing is UV resistant which makes it suitable for installation on M3 Category vehicles (UNECE Reg 118). It comes with 3 meters of CS29 coaxial cable and is terminated with either SMA male connectors or FAKRA female (blue, beige, bordeaux).

This is a great product for maximising the network coverage on fleet management systems, vehicle wireless routers and GPS navigation systems.

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Terminated with SMA connectors>

Terminated with FAKRA connectors>

Source: Co-Star





Co-Star Supply Hirschmann Antenna For Asset Management Application



Co-Star the UK based global distributor to the ICT industry have added the Hirschmann GPS/GSM combination Antenna to their range off asset tracking products.

The Hirschmann GPS and GSM Cellular combination patch antenna is designed to optimise the signal strength of Telematics, M2M and asset management equipment installed in cars and commercial vehicles.

Co-Star offer two variants of the antenna, both come with two lengths of 1 meter of RG174 coaxial one for the GPS application and the other for the celluar GSM. One is terminated with SMA male connectors for mobile data terminals and other equipment and the other has FAKRA female universal code Z connectors a standard connector for Automotive equipment. Co-Star can supply the antenna with different combinations of connector and cable length please e-mail us for more information.

The antenna is easy to install onto the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle using a strong adhesive pad which is supplied with the antenna.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star Commented ” The Hirschmann Antenna is a perfect match for asset tracking equipment as it can be quickly and easily installed into any type of vehicle and the connectors we supply it with (SMA & FAKRA) are the most common on Telematics equipment. It consistently optimises the GSM and GPS signal and helps our customers get the best coverage for their Tracking devices”.

Source: Co-Star