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Dual Port FAKRA Code Z now available from Co-Star


Co-Star the UK based global supplier to the mobile communications industry has introduced dual port FAKRA code Z water blue universal crimp connectors to it’s comprehensive range of RF adaptors for the latest telematics and connected car applications.


Female code Z universal

FAKRA connectors (FAKRA = FAchKReis Automobil, a german automobile working group) are
coaxial high-frequency connectors that meet the requirements of DIN20860 and USCAR 17 &18.
Their application lies in the transmission of a variety of signals, such as shortwave, mobile telephony, GPS, or telematics signals.

Double Fakra Male Water Blue (Neutral) Code Z (RG58)

Male Code Z Universal RG58

Available in male or female for both RG174 and RG58 coaxial cable the FAKRA connectors are used by vehicle manufacturers, Telematics companies and installers of after-market mobile communications equipment.

The water blue code Z is a universal FAKRA that can be used for all types of application and is particularly common for DAB, Audio and Telematics equipment.

  • Available for RG174 or RG58 Coaxial Cable.
  • Code Z universal – Can be used for all FAKRA applications.
  • Male and Female versions available.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commected;

” Co-Star have experienced a high demand for the dual-port FAKRA connectors from vehicle manufacturers and companies who install telematics equipment. We supply the code Z universal version as it simplifies the installation process and can be used for all types of applications  allowing our customers to standardise and just stock one type of connector”

Source: Co-Star



Co-Star Enhance FAKRA Range With The Addition Of Right Angle Connectors

img_1424Co-Star the Harrogate based global supplier to the ICT industry have enhanced their range of FAKRA connectors with the addition of Right Angle versions which are designed to simplify the crimping process for end user and put less strain on the cable when installed.

The FAKRA connectors are colour coded to differentiate the application:

To connect the FAKRA connectors you simply need to strip the coaxial cable and locate the inner conductor (centre core) in the gold coloured channel in the connector and than secure it using the threaded cap and crimp the barrel using a crimp tool to complete the process.

FAKRA connectors are widely used to connect antennas to communication devices on the latest vehicles.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented:

The technology in the latest  connected car’s is now more sophisticated than a modern office so the connectors and cabling required to connect the latest telematics and Wi-Fi equipment need to be capable of transmitting very high levels of data. Co-Star work with vehicle  manufactures and Telematics companies so are always early adopters of the latest connectors and cabling on the market. We have just launched a range of HSD connectors which are used on the latest German vehicles and have extended our range of FAKRA connectors and adaptors.

Source: Co-Star

Co-Star RF Crimp Tool suitable for both RG174 & RG58 Connectors


Co-Star’s latest RF crimp tool part no: HT.336G is suitable for crimping both RG174 & RG58 coaxial connectors.

This is a vital piece of kit for mobile communication  engineers who install antennas and need to make up coaxial extension cables as it crimps both RG174 and RG58 coaxial connectors and is particularly useful for FAKRA RG58 and SMA RG58 as a standard RG 58 crimp tool won’t crimp the centre pin which means you need to use two tools to crimp one connector,  the Co-star HT.336G crimps both the centre pin and the barrel, two tools in one !

The unique ratchet mechanism of the HT.336G guarantees a consistent professional crimp every time as it won’t release until the correct amount of pressure has been applied to secure the pin & barrel. The ergonomic design of the handle allows engineers to carry out multiple installations with ease.

Tim Cosgrove of  Co-Star commented;

”  Engineers who install  TETRA and Telematics equipment on site love the versatility of the HT.336G as it allows them to quickly complete installations using just one tool. It’s particularly useful for  standard and reverse polarity SMA and FAKRA connectors as it crimps both the pin and barrel “.

  • Crimps both RG58 & RG174 connectors
  • 2 tools in 1
  • Useful when crimping RG58 SMA & Fakra connectors as only 1 tool needed
  • Ratchet mechanism ensures a consistent professional crimp every time

Part No: HT.336G:




Co-Star design adaptor that converts FME or SMA to FAKRA

Co-Star the UK based distributor to the Mobile Communications Industry have designed a coaxial adaptor that quickly converts an antenna terminated with either an FME female or SMA male to FAKRA Code Z  Waterblue female in seconds.

A standard antenna for mobile broadband or celluar applications is usually terminated with an FME female or SMA male connector, but some in-car communication applications require a FAKRA connector. To re-crimp a FAKRA connector can be time consuming and needs special tooling. The Co-Star adaptor has been designed to simply screw on to the existing connector providing a professional, fast and cost effective conversion  in seconds.

The FAKRA Code Z Univetrsal Waterblue connector is the most versatile connector in the FAKRA range and is suitable for most applications.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: ” This is a fantastic product for engineers  as it allows them to re-terminate equipment very quickly without using additional tooling. Sometimes an engineer will turn up to install some equipment not knowing which connectors are needed to complete the installation so the FAKRA adaptors offer the engineer versatility ”   

The connectors are available now from Co-Star:

CFF.FMEP-NEUJ      FME Male to FAKRA Female Universal Code Z  (Converts an antenna terminated with FME female to FAKRA female).http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/3755/fme-male-to-fakra-female-waterblue-antenna-adaptor.html

CFF.SMAJ-NEUJ      SMA Female to FAKRA Female Universal Code Z  (Converts an antenna terminated with SMA male to FAKRA female).http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/3754/sma-female-to-fakra-female-waterblue-antenna-adaptor.html

Source: Co-Star Press Office