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Ruckus boss sees smart cities, big data and improved WiFi causing a commotion

Selina-RuckusSelina Lo, CEO of WiFi specialist Ruckus Wireless, talked up growing momentum for so-called ‘smart cities’ which combine wireless connectivity with big data analytics.

In the city of San Jose, which has deployed Ruckus’ WiFi kit, Lo told Mobile World Live that such a combination is improving quality of lives.

Having installed sensors for air quality, San Jose is combining that data with real-time traffic information and availability of public transport and parking. “By doing an analysis [of all the data gathered], residents can be given options on the best way to travel to work,” said the Ruckus boss.

There can also be economic benefits, argued Lo, simply by making free WiFi available in popular public locations. “By offering free WiFi in the downtown area you can draw people away from hotel rooms, encouraging them to go to restaurants and so on,” she said.

Another benefit of widespread WiFi, said Lo, is that cities might attract more convention business. Digital signage and smart meter connections are other advantages.

Lo is keen to emphasise, however, that Ruckus does not only provide WiFi infrastructure but has its own involvement in big data analytics.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Ruckus launched SPoT, its cloud-based location service. As well as recording the movement and location of devices that have WiFi switched on, SPoT can also provide analytics on the data gathered. Network operators might use that information, for example, to offer location-relevant content and retail deals to users.

As far as the company’s carrier WiFi business is concerned, Lo said she had seen “great traction” in the last 12 months, both from mobile and fixed-line players. She also predicts 2014 will be the year of Hotspot 2.0 implementation, with the likes of Boingo, Time Warner Cable and Orange Poland having already made big moves on the technology.

Hotspot 2.0 is focused on enabling a mobile device to automatically discover APs that have a roaming arrangement with the user’s home network and then securely connect, much like the cellular experience.

“Soon we’ll start to see roaming services between carriers and WiFi users won’t need to log on,” said Lo. “They’ll be automatically able to get onto WiFi whenever they want.”

To watch the full interview click here.

Source: Mobile World Live

Masternaut Connect ‘rewrites telematics’ with launch of next-generation platform

Masternaut Connect ‘rewrites telematics’ with launch of next-generation platform

Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Connect ‘rewrites telematics’
9 October, 2013

  • New platform built from the ground up to offer unprecedented features, enterprise integration, and platform scale, robustness, and security
  • Resulting from a 20 million Euro investment, the platform represents a significant technology-leap for the industry

Masternaut, the largest European provider of telematics solutions, has launched its next-generation telematics platform, Masternaut Connect. The new platform ‘rewrites telematics’, offering businesses a step-change in features, integration, performance, scalability and accuracy.
It has taken 18 months’ development, the largest telematics R&D workforce in Europe and more than 16 years’ experience to bring Masternaut Connect to market. In a first for a pure-play business to business telematics vendor, the resulting platform is fully future-proofed, offering the robustness and scalability to handle big data demands.
Masternaut Connect is a SaaS suite of modular applications running within an integrated and harmonised web interface, hosted in a new private dedicated cloud infrastructure, which provides the performance and security needed for these demands.
Martin Hiscox, chairman and CEO of Masternaut says: “The landscape has changed considerably since we introduced our first generation telematics solutions. The growth of floating car data, advances in driver performance management, vehicle scheduling and data aggregation means there is more intelligence available to acquire – and more opportunity to harness it. As these figures continue to rise, the demand to drive tangible business value from this data is growing.
“Masternaut Connect addresses the challenges of today’s industry squarely, providing time-poor business leaders with the ability to access data on-the-go, enabling a true ‘sense and respond’ approach. Above all, these decisions need to be made against accurate data, so we’ve invested considerably to ensure that Masternaut Connect offers unparalleled connectivity.”
A wide range of integration points will be provided including cloud side for TMS, ERP and other systems, APIs for external data feeds from other devices, and in-vehicle using Masternaut’s wireless network to integrate custom tablet or smartphone applications.
Responding to the need for businesses to use operational data for competitive advantage, Masternaut Connect offers real-time event processing, providing fleet managers with information as it happens, while storing data for longer, allowing for analytics and compliance purposes.
“By building our new modular platform, we’re enabling customers to adopt the features that they need and providing a base to develop new products” continues Martin Hiscox. “In the coming months, we’ll be announcing further modules to extend the reach and benefits of telematics into new areas of the business.”
Alex Rothwell, Masternaut’s CTO, adds: “Incorporating custom-designed user interfaces, in-stream processing and data aggregation & analytics engines, this is a true first for any organisation within our industry. Masternaut Connect leapfrogs current platforms on the market, providing a comprehensive and future-proofed telematics service via one single technology stack, in order to deliver game-changing business intelligence.”   Key benefits to Masternaut Connect include:

  • Unrivalled accuracy – the highest degree of data accuracy on the market, thanks to new patented technology
  • Scalability – platform is scalable to handle millions of devices, across multiple territories
  • Real-time event processing – data queries are streamed live, which means that reports are constantly refreshed with up to date data
  • Third party application integration – such as live customer data feeds, including job data or routing schedules
  • Modern user experience – with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Modular design – providing the foundation to develop new products and platform add-ons
  • Persona-based modification – platform can be tailored to support customers’ priorities, with ability to weight event criteria
  • Privacy options – to offer a broader range of workers’ council approved telematics
  • Secure data – to address compliance requirements and provide better reporting capabilities

Source: Masternaut

Local Authority traffic management systems get green light

  • Market leading Zenco Systems to deliver fully-managed digital monitoring solutions with integrated airtime
  • Local Authorities benefit from a more resilient, cost-effective traffic management solution
  • Connectivity platform and mobile network choice delivered by Wireless Logic.

Zenco Car

In just seven years, Zenco Systems have become the market leader in visual traffic monitoring systems, working with over 35 Local Authorities throughout the UK. Their overarching aim is to deliver digital solutions that keep traffic moving – a vital ingredient in the armoury of Local Authorities as they maintain their commitment to agreed Local Transport Plans. So whether it’s bus lane monitoring, box junction enforcement, or parking proximity to schools, Zenco Systems’ integrated solutions are supporting councils in their drive to keep town centre traffic flowing whilst discouraging anti-social driver behaviour across a number of enforceable actions.

Behind Zenco Systems’ bigger picture is a suite of smart, intuitive technology that provides automatic wireless enforcement via a range of static and mobile cameras. Each system involves a complete 360° solution that captures, transmits and processes both still images and video providing near real-time evidence-based data to a local authority control centre. Data is sent across 3G thus avoiding the need for hard-wired connectivity from the camera to back-office applications. The review and processing of data across Zenco’s own platforms mean that the entire monitoring and control process is delivered as a one-stop solution with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and video analytics all deployed seamlessly.

Working in partnership with resellers, Zenco Systems have, until now, left the critical area of mobile connectivity to the end user. “Whilst a vital part of the entire system, customers were happy to acquire SIMs and handle the ongoing everyday management,” comments Adrian Ford, Sales Director for Zenco Systems. “So whether it was ‘bill shock’ for a data-hungry camera in a busy location, or general connectivity issues, we found that local authorities were very much in the hands of the mobile networks, with varying levels of customer support experienced.”

At the time of Zenco Systems’ review of connectivity, a meeting with Wireless Logic, Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services provider, enlightened the Zenco board to the benefits of providing a fully managed-connectivity solution as part of their traffic monitoring proposition. By partnering with Wireless Logic, Zenco could give local authorities a hassle-free fully cost-managed connectivity solution with the right tariff and associated support. “Our early conversations with the Wireless Logic team soon made us realise that by managing an entire portfolio of SIM-based cameras, we could enjoy complete visibility and control on behalf of our customers, UK-wide,” continues Zenco’s Adrian Ford. “And with SIMs that typically consume between 5GB and 10GB of data per month, our ability to purchase and market competitively would mean additional value-add to both our resellers and end-customers.”

Behind Zenco Systems’ bigger picture is a suite of smart, intuitive technology that provides automatic wireless enforcement

Jon-Paul Clarke, Business Development Director for Wireless Logic explains further: “With Zenco’s nationwide deployment, we were able to highlight a number of opportunities to provide a better connectivity solution to their customers – firstly, a choice of networks so that each camera location is optimised for network coverage, secondly, data aggregation where data usage can be spread across the entire portfolio – allowing more busy locations to balance with less data-intensive installations, and thirdly, complete visibility of Zenco’s entire SIM estate through the Wireless Logic SIMpro platform. This gives Zenco’s teams the ability to manage, monitor and bill, thus empowering councils to purely focus on the business of traffic management with worry-free 3G connectivity.” With traffic monitoring solutions deployed across the country, Zenco Systems are now talking to all local authority partners with options on connectivity management. “The response to our connectivity proposition has been nothing but positive,” adds Adrian Ford. “Users realise that they can now have dedicated data-SIMs that sit o

Masternaut introduces digital tachograph to smartphones and tablets


TACHOfresh web application extended to provide tachograph and telematics capabilities on mobile devices

10th September 2013Masternaut, the largest pan-European provider of telematics solutions, is now offering its customers a tachograph mobile app, an extension of its TACHOfresh web application. The app makes TACHOfresh tachograph data available for mobile devices, providing fleet managers with a tool to access vehicle and driver information via smartphone or tablet.

Masternaut logo

For all vehicles that are equipped with Masternaut’s TACHOfresh ‘live’ or ‘remote’ functionality, the data generated by the digital tachograph is transmitted to the central web portal. The TACHOfresh MOBILE app will also make this data available on smartphones and tablets. Fleet managers can access details on the whereabouts and behaviour of their drivers at any time and from any given place. Insights include daily and overall mileage, rest duration and vehicle idling, in addition to the exact, real-time location of each vehicle within the fleet.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut, commented: “With the TACHOfresh MOBILE app, we’re responding to demand from customers to provide telematics data and insights into fleet performance while they are on the move. It’s all part of our commitment to continually develop the Masternaut offering, providing next-generation telematics and tachograph capabilities via one unified platform.”

The TACHOfresh mobile app is now available on all Android smartphones (from 2.0), BlackBerry (from 6.0), iPhone (from 3G) and iPad.

About Masternaut
Masternaut is Europe’s largest provider of telematics solutions. Founded in 1996, the company now employs over 600 telematics specialists and has more than 10,000 customers.
Masternaut provides a SaaS-based Mobile Resource Management (MRM) application suite for businesses of all sizes to help them achieve greater operational efficiencies through a lowering of vehicle fuel consumption, effective tracking of assets, productivity increases in workforce, reduced vehicle wear and tear, improved management of driver behaviour, and a reduction in CO2 emissions. These solutions drive tangible savings and service improvements for customers across all parts of an organisation; from finance to HR, operations to customer service.
Our suite modules range from driver performance management, fleet and consumer insurance, traditional vehicle tracking and specialist services for the transport and logistics industry, including remote digital tachograph download and temperature monitoring. Masternaut also provides highly-configurable solutions to the public sector for highways maintenance and infrastructure support.
Masternaut has the largest telematics R&D team in Europe, continuously innovating to deliver the most reliable and scalable platform available. The company has over 300,000 assets, vehicles and people connected to its SaaS solutions. Over 15,000 users interact every hour with the systems, and over 50 million data transactions are processed and configured into 20,000 reports every day. 
With customers in 32 countries, Masternaut has multiple offices and partners throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


TCCA Joins 3GPP For Critical Work

LTE is set to offer increased interoperability between critical communications systems and ubiquitous networks based on 3GPP specifications, without compromising on the highest standards necessary for the secure operation of mission critical voice and data services.

Several new features are being worked on in 3GPP, which has led to a high degree of participation from public safety groups and now sees the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) being approved as the latest Market Representation Partner in 3GPP.

At the detailed level, the TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group will work closely with 3GPP, on Spectrum, Architecture, User requirements and on strategic case studies.

The TCCA has set out a plan for its members service evolution, for data and voice for LTE, with four sequential steps identified:

  1. Upgrade existing Mission Critical V+D services until LTE readiness & maturity
  2. Uptake of Non Mission Critical data with commercial LTE
  3. Build Mission Critical Data LTE networks
  4. Migrate Mission Critical Voice

In his proposal to 3GPP, Phil Kidner, the TCCA Chief Executive promised that “The Association will bring a European and global input to 3GPP for critical communications”.

The formal signing of the 3GPP Partnership Agreement will take place at the next meeting of the Partners, in Fukuoka, Japan on the 30th October.

Source: 3GPP

Nokia to enter the Telematics market with ‘Here’ connected drive system

Espoo, Finland – HERE, a Nokia business, today announced a complete Connected Driving offer, the only end-to-end driving solution on the market today, which will help car makers and in-vehicle technology suppliers connect the car and the driver to the cloud.

The offering includes HERE Auto, HERE Auto Cloud, and HERE Auto Companion. In addition, HERE has radically improved its Traffic product, HERE Traffic, by building a new system to process data even faster and more accurately than before. The HERE Connected Driving offering will be demonstrated at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany starting on September 10.

Technology is rapidly transforming driving, with connectivity bringing the outside world to the car and the sensor revolution creating new possibilities for the automobile industry. People today demand that cars become integrated into their ecosystem of connected devices with the same level of innovation they see in their personal devices.

HERE Connected Driving offers a full range of automotive products and services that builds on our high-quality and fresh map to go beyond navigation. The customizable offering is a fully flexible framework that allows automakers to differentiate the driving experience. It will help them solve the problems that drivers face every day such as synching routes and other personal information across their car and devices and finding the right parking spot or closest gas station.

HERE Auto is the first embedded in-car navigation experience that delivers the right map at the right moment with and without a data connection. Drivers can get turn by turn voice guided navigation in 95 countries and 2D, 3D and satellite map views including street level imagery. In the future, car makers will be able to easily extend the HERE Auto experience using a software development kit (SDK) to create entertainment and other applications, such as in the areas of music and social networking. HERE Auto is already integrated in Continental’s next generation Open Infotainment Platform. HERE is also working with partners such as Magneti Marelli and others to bring HERE Auto to the market in the coming months.

HERE Auto Cloud provides drivers with always-on access to several dynamic services such as real-time traffic updates, helping drivers avoid congested areas, road closures or blockages that occur en route. Drivers can also get recommendations on places to eat, parking spots, information on where to charge an electric vehicle or where to find the most inexpensive fuel.

HERE Auto Companion, a customizable mobile and web application, keeps drivers connected outside of the car allowing them to synchronize their favorite places and routes across their devices so that they won’t need to re-enter their route when they get in the driver’s seat. Car makers can tap assets from the existing HERE suite such as walking navigation, public transit routes and even indoor venue maps to build custom mobile applications. Drivers could use the app to remotely find their car with their device using LiveSight augmented reality technology and check the car’s vital stats such as fuel levels and tire pressure.

HERE Traffic has been radically improved by “Halo,” our new engine that processes data quickly and accurately. Every month we’re collecting ever greater numbers of high-quality data, such as probe points and sensor information to deliver real-time information such as weather, traffic congestion, road construction and other factors that affect a drive. With our new Traffic product drivers get improved travel time estimates, so they can better plan their routes and quickly re-route on the go.

“By 2016, the majority of consumers in mature markets will consider in-vehicle web-based data access a key criterion in their automotive purchase,” said Thilo Koslowski, VP of Automotive at Gartner. “Successful connected vehicle solutions will add value to the connected driver’s digital lifestyle and enable integrated cross-device experiences relevant for people everyday.”

For more information about HERE Auto, please visit our blog: http://conversations.nokia.com/?p=134388

About HERE and Nokia
HERE, a Nokia business, offers the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems. HERE inspires a new generation of location services and devices helping more people to navigate their lives with ease and confidence. Built on more than 25 years of experience in cartography and drawing on more than 80,000 sources of data, HERE offers “Maps for Life” for more than 190 countries, voice guided navigation in 95 countries in more than 50 languages and live traffic information for 34 countries. To learn more about HERE, visit http://blog.here.com

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia’s technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia.

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