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CeBit 2016 Showcasing The Latest IoT Technologies


IoT/M2M Pavilion: “We’re showing what we can already do”

CeBit 2016 at the Hannover Messe from the 14th to the 18th March is the place to see the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies from the leading companies at the forefront of this exciting and developing technology.

The IoT/M2M Pavilion is at the heart of the IoT area in Hall 13. Providers from all over the world and users from numerous industries are demonstrating what the Internet of Things is doing at the group pavilion and nearby.

“M2M communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving forces behind the digitization of the economy. Numerous new business models and value chains will emerge in the near future,” says Marius Felzmann, Senior Vice President CeBIT at Deutsche Messe AG. To demonstrate what is happening in the Internet of Things, the IoT/M2M Pavilion was created for CeBIT at the heart of this cluster in Hall 13 in 2016.

Partner of the pavilion is the M2M Alliance. With 85 members in 14 countries, it is Europe’s largest independent organization in the M2M sector. It sees itself as a platform and communication channel for suppliers and users of M2M solutions. Eric Schneider, Chairman of the M2M Alliance, emphasizes that “M2M/IoT is a key issue confronting our society. Without a regular exchange between solution providers and users the market cannot develop. The M2M Alliance has therefore pledged its support to the M2M/IoT pavilion at CeBIT 2016 and is hoping for a strong response on the part of exhibitors and visitors.” From the exhibitor side, this wish has already been fulfilled: The pavilion in Hall 13 is sold out.

Corporations such as Telefónica and Matrix Electronica from Spain and Teleena from the Netherlands are using the pavilion to showcase IoT technologies and applications. The international engineering organization IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) even has two booths at the pavilion. TomTom BRIDGE is also contributing several use cases: The Dutch GPS specialist is merging navigation and business applications at the new platform. TomTom BRIDGE was developed for companies who cannot or do not want to deploy telematic services such as vehicle tracking and tracing but still want customized business applications integrated into their vehicles.

Along with other partners the Italian company Eurotech is presenting use cases from various sectors. “We and our partners want to show what’s already possible with IoT,” says Eurotech’s CMO Robert Andres. Together with OSGi Alliance it is demonstrating how portable Java-based software modules can control complex traffic systems using a Lego train. Companies such as IBM, Oracle, Deutsche Telekom and Eurotech are working together in the OSGi Alliance to develop a modular software platform that is hardware independent.

The Eclipse Foundation is showcasing the open source M2M project Kura. Eurotech wrote the source code for Eclipse Kura that will make an OSGi-based container for M2M applications available in service gateways.

Bitreactive will present its Reactive Blocks development tool at the pavilion. Its first time at CeBIT, the company will show how robust the IoT applications are that gather sensor data and process it in real time to predict disturbances. At the IoT SOLUTIONS Area an air conditioner will be controlled and regulated with Bitreactive software that is fitted with Eurotech hardware.

Along with Hitachi High-Tech Eurotech will be demonstrating a predictive maintenance system: It captures vibration data in large motors and analyzes it to predict the best time to carry out maintenance. A solution to monitor and manage PDUs in data centers will be shown with the Munich startup OmSense. In addition, Eurotech is presenting a vehicle license plate reader, a people counter and a compact, Java-programmable smart city application with integrated air sensors, Geiger counter and weather station. Another use case shows how hot water boilers can be controlled and regulated from a distance. Eurotech is also appearing with the open source software developer Red Hat, Misurio (energy management) and Bosch (PLC).

CeBit 2016 takes place at the Hannover Messe in Germany from the 14th-18th March.

Source: CeBit