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Sigfox and Louis Vuitton partner for innovative luggage tracker

Louis Vuitton Tracker Sigfox

Sigfox, the leading IoT service provider, and Louis Vuitton, the most iconic luxury brand in the world, have announced the release of a luggage tracker that uses Sigfox technology. Exclusively available with the Louis Vuitton Horizon luggage range, it allows passengers to track their checked luggage in major airports, even while travelling between different countries.


The tracking device is the first to include Sigfox’s Monarch service. Unveiled at the World IoT Expo in September 2017, Monarch is a new service that enables devices to run seamlessly in all parts of the world, by automatically recognising and adapting to the local radiofrequency’s standards. As global operations are split into three geographical zones, the use of Monarch unlocks endless applications in logistics and supply chain, the consumer market, and automated maintenance for the shipping, aircraft and railway industries.


Asset tracking is the most important vertical in the massive IoT industry and Monarch represents a major breakthrough. This project is the first commercialized application of many millions that will be developed in the coming years. Sigfox’s unique value proposition is currently the only one allowing this kind of use case: a global network combined with a simple technology based on cost efficiency and low-energy consumption.

The luggage tracker is available as an additional accessory for the Horizon 50, 55 and 70 models and can easily be clipped into a pocket within the suitcase. Extremely easy to use, its low energy comsuption ensures a battery life of up to six months.

For additional information about the list of airports where the Monarch service is available, please check: https://www.louisvuitton.com/Horizon70/Airports

Source: Sigfox

MiX Telematics introduces industry first connected asset solution


MiX Telematics is introducing a unique, industry-first asset tracking solution for moveable assets.

MiX Tabs will provide customers with a highly effective solution to keep track of valuable assets including generators, light towers, storage tanks and pumps. This will allow for increased visibility of assets, resulting in improved asset utilization and reduced loss.

MiX Tabs leverages a unique and secure company network that is formed by connecting tagged assets to vehicles equipped with MiX’s on-board computers. A customer’s fleet reports the last-known location along with a date and time stamp of the tagged assets as they pass by.

Catherine Lewis, Executive Vice President of Technology at MiX Telematics explains: “These details are captured by our MiX Fleet Manager solution, which allows customers to view the whereabouts of assets as well as when the asset was last spotted. In addition, MiX’s reporting suite adds even further value, allowing reports to be generated from historic data to show when assets were moved from one location to another. This also helps ensure assets never go ‘missing’ and are always allocated to the correct cost center.”

Customers using MiX Tabs will have increased visibility of their assets and the necessary intelligence to ensure optimal utilization.

“MiX Tabs is an extremely innovative and cost-effective asset tracking solution. The self-powered beacons are wireless, easy to install and last for three years or more. As global leaders in the telematics industry, we have listened to our customers’ needs and provided an industry first solution that gives them more control and oversight. This is an exciting new addition to MiX’s broad product range, and we are looking forward to harnessing the power thereof to helping our customers become more efficient,” says Lewis

Source: MiX Telematics

Globe Tracker and Vodafone M2M transform the global supply chain with a breakthrough asset tracking solution



Since its formation in 2006, Globe Tracker (GT) has opened offices and development centres in China, Denmark, Iceland and the US. After five years of intensive research and development GT is now a leading provider of secure trade data sharing, data analytics and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment.

When we first came up with the idea for this business we knew that we needed a global communications partner that was capable of providing the necessary scale, network coverage and price consistency to make it viable – Vodafone was the only serious global option.

Don Miller, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Globe Tracker

Business need

With traditional tracking technologies rapidly becoming out-dated, companies need to find better methods of tracking perishable goods throughout their journey.


Powered by Vodafone, Globe Tracker has developed and commercialised one of the most advanced global real-time tracking, monitoring and data sharing solutions on the market.


  • M2M technology enables shipping companies and their customers to globally track, monitor and remotely manage their assets as they make their way through the supply chain
  • Detailed real-time data from each asset: geospatial location, asset movement, tampering, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Robust audit trail, enabling data to be sent to customers, improving their efficiencies and competitive edge
  • Significantly reduced insurance premiums for companies that choose shipping partners using GT’s technology

Source: Vodafone