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Co-Star’s Latest RF Connectors for Wireless Applications

C23SRP_025SP-RPCo-Star has developed a new range of RF connectors and adapters  for connecting external antennas to Wireless Routers, Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) and other wireless devices.

FME Male to TS9 Male Right Angle Adaptor Cable

The TS9 connector is often used across a number of cellular, GSM, 3G and 4G dongles, data cards and modems. Very similar in appearance to the CRC9 connector, the TS9 plug has a  gold plated centre pin and circular barrel with slots at the end. The C74-FP-025TS9RA cable has been designed to quickly & easily  covert an antenna terminated with an FME female which is a common connector used for mobile applications to TS9 without having to re-crimp. Co-Star have used a right angle TS9 connector to ensure secure connection into the wireless device. The cable length is 250mm of RG174 coax.

SMA Male Reverse Polarity to SMA Female AdaptorCF_40

Widely used by Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers RP SMA connectors are designed to prevent consumers from accidently  connecting antennas with gain which would breach compliance. The female RP-SMA connector has the same external housing as a standard or conventional female SMA connector, which consists of an outer shell with the threads on the outside; however, the center receptacle is replaced by a male pin. Similarly, the RP-SMA male has threads on the inside like a conventional male, but has a center receptacle instead of the male pin in the middle.

The CF.40 adaptor has a Reverse Polarity male and standard SMA female to enable engineers to convert a standard SMA male which is a commonly used as standard by antenna manufacturers to SMA Male Reverse Polarity.

SMA Male Reverse Polarity to SMA Female Reverse Polarity

Manufactured using low loss RG58 coaxial cable (250mm) the C23SRP.025SP/RP SMA Male RP to SMA Female RP cable extension can be used to convert the genders of RP SMA connectors on antennas or as a cable extension.

Source: Co-Star


Introducing the new Co-Star M2M Adaptor: SMA female to TNC male

Application: M2M  Product: SMA female to TNC male adaptor Product code: CF.28

Co-Star, the UK based supplier to the Mobile Communications industry has designed a coaxial adaptor for M2M applications that converts an antenna terminated with an SMA male to TNC male.
SMA female to TNC male coax adaptor

Antennas used for M2M applications are often fitted with a standard SMA male connector, however some manufacturers of wireless routers have adopted a TNC female as the preferred RF connector. To re-crimp a TNC connector can be time consuming and would require specialist tools and equipment.

The Co-Star adaptor has been designed to simply screw into the factory fitted SMA connector on the antenna providing you with a professional and cost effective conversion in seconds without the need to alter the original connector.

John Groves, an M2M Engineer commented “This adaptor is a great idea as it allows engineers working on-site to quickly re-terminate antennas without using additional tooling. Sometimes you can arrive in a remote area to install M2M equipment not knowing if you need SMA or TNC connectors to complete the installation, these adaptors give us the flexibility to complete the job.”

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