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Sierra Wireless launches industry’s lowest-power LTE industrial gateway

sierra wireless

AirLink® Raven RV50 gateway provides mission-critical LTE communication and remote monitoring for industrial IoT applications, including utilities, oil and gas, and infrastructure.
Sierra Wireless  today announced the launch of the AirLink® Raven RV50 gateway—the  LTE successor to the market’s most widely deployed cellular gateway solution for energy and industrial applications, the AirLink® Raven series.




The AirLink® Raven RV50 offers a truly rugged design and the lowest power consumption of any LTE industrial gateway, providing reliable connectivity for the most demanding remote applications, even when solar panels are the only available source of power.

The Raven RV50 is an ideal migration path for customers to cost-effectively upgrade to LTE technology for their industrial IoT applications, while providing additional functionality to enable new solutions such as remote video surveillance,” said Jason Krause, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “The RV50 consumes the same low level of power as our 2G and 3G Raven gateways, so it can be installed directly into existing infrastructure without the need to increase capacity.”

Industrial infrastructure is often unmanned, remote, and critical to business operations. To ensure safety, security, and uninterrupted operation, a remote monitoring and control system is essential for applications such as SCADA, on pipelines and in power distribution, and intelligent traffic management systems. The AirLink Management Service (ALMS)—a cloud management solution ranked “best-in-class” by ABI Research—provides remote device management for the RV50, as well as alerting and monitoring of key variables such as signal strength, location, temperature and voltage.

Offering intelligence at the edge, the Raven RV50 includes the ALEOS Application Framework (AAF), a powerful embedded programming environment for on-board data gathering, real-time data processing and alert generation. The application framework also enables the delivery of critical real-time data and information, reliably and securely over LTE networks, to the Sierra Wireless IoT Acceleration Platform or to other software applications and operational systems.

The AirLink Raven RV50 is the first product of its kind to offer SIM-based network operator switching – just insert the SIM into the gateway and it automatically configures the new network settings. The RV50 ships as a single product variant that works on all major North American networks, simplifying the ordering and inventory process, and providing unmatched flexibility in managing deployments. Customers can take advantage of the best network coverage in remote areas without increasing complexity.

What customers and partners are saying: 

We tested the Raven RV50 to provide LTE, lower power connectivity for SCADALynx, and we were impressed by how quickly the Raven RV50 integrated with our software,” says Ryan McDonald, CIO of eLynx Technologies. “We’re also really excited about the network operator switching capability of the Raven RV50—it provides a new level of flexibility for our inventory and provisioning processes. We plan on standardizing the Raven RV50 as our primary cellular gateway—given its highly compatible management platform, performance features and reliability, we feel it is an ideal solution for our customers.

We tested the new AirLink Raven RV50 as a replacement for the Raven X, and found that it works flawlessly – we didn’t need to make any modifications to our software,” says Neil Hurst, Engineering Manager, Products of EDM International, Inc. “We are very pleased with this new product – in particular, its very fast boot-up time and low power consumption.”

The Raven RV50 offers a huge jump in functionality at the same power consumption as the original AirLink Raven. Industrial customers in particular can now look at adding new functionality like video surveillance to their remote infrastructure, which improves their day-to-day management and the security of these remote assets,” said Mark Gianinni, CEO of Accel Networks.

Register for the Raven RV50 Webinar: 8:00 a.m. PST, November 19, 2015

Sierra Wireless will host an informational webinar about communications challenges in industrial environments and the new AirLink Raven RV50 gateway on Thursday, November 19 at 8:00 AM Pacific time. Topics will include typical industrial applications and use cases, the role of LTE in an industrial environment, and the importance of power consumption in industrial gateways.

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Sierra Wireless Mobile Gateway First to Provide Seamless Multi-Network Connectivity for FirstNet and Commercial LTE Networks

Sierra Wireless InMotion gateway provides mission-critical connectivity for first responders utilizing the new FirstNet (Band 14 LTE) network plus AT&T, Verizon and Sprint LTE networks.

Sierra Wireless today announced commercial availability of FirstNet Band 14 LTE support for the InMotion™ Solutions oMG2000 mobile gateway. This multi-network gateway is also certified for use on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint LTE networks, with the ability to switch as required to optimize coverage for mission critical communications. With an integrated radio module supporting Band 14 LTE, the oMG2000 now offers support for the dedicated FirstNet network being deployed for public safety agencies and other first responders.

Band 14 networks have already been deployed in select areas of the U.S. and have been tested in several pilot projects with InMotion gateways. As it will take time for the FirstNet network to be deployed on a national basis, the ability to seamlessly switch between the dedicated network and commercial networks is necessary to maintain connectivity and ensure that first responders can do their jobs safely.

“For first responders, maintaining connectivity is critically important to safety and effective incident management,” said Brian Anderson, Vice President of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless.
“These were some of the drivers behind deployment of the Band 14 network, but with less than universal coverage, there needs to be redundancy built into the system with seamless switching between networks. The oMG Mobile Gateway provides that capability with support for Band 14 along with the three largest commercial LTE networks, so that first responders can be confident they have access to the best coverage available, no matter where they are deployed.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office in Bryan, Texas, has been using the InMotion gateways as part of its pilot program.
“The switching between the Band 14 and Verizon Wireless LTE network is seamless with no drops in connection. The start-up and connection times to our network are extremely fast, and the gateway is ready to go before the tablet has even started,” said Josh Hearen, Deputy Sheriff, Civil and Warrants Division, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

InMotion Solutions includes a rugged, mobile communications gateway (oMG), amobile network management system (oMM), and a mobile-optimized VPN Server(oCM), with applications all backed by a world-class technical services team. InMotion Solutions simplify the deployment, management, and maintenance of advanced mobile networking solutions within any organization.

InMotion diagram

For the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the oMM Management System provided additional benefits for data collection and remote management.
Lt. Thomas Randall, Lieutenant, Special Services Division, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, said:

“We have experienced considerable speed and great range while connecting to Band 14 with the oMG that is installed in our patrol vehicle. The mapping functions and statistical data provided by the oMM system have proven to be an excellent tool for our Supervisors, and it allows our IT staff to monitor and manage the network connectivity with ease. This management functionality will be a critical requirement for all of our Band 14 gateways.”

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Source: Sierra Wireless/M2M World News

CradlePoint solutions Power YESCO Digital Signage Networks


YESCO Digital Signage Powered By CradlePoint  


  • DEPLOYMENT: CradlePoint COR IBR600 Series Router, Enterprise Cloud Manager3G/4G
  •  MARKET: Digital Signage

YESCO, one of the world’s largest signage and digital outdoor display manufacturers, has pioneered the creation of connected digital signs. YESCO digital signs operate using several applications like heat monitoring, air conditioning, and a selfcontained security and surveillance systems that all require network connectivity. Using the CradlePoint COR IBR600 and Enterprise Cloud Manager, CradlePoint’s cloud-based management platform, YESCO deploys network-ready digital signs for placement virtually anywhere. Using Enterprise Cloud Manager YESCO can activate, configure, deploy, and manage the connectivity of signs from a central location.

“With Enterprise Cloud Manager we have each sign’s network at our fingertips,” said Justin Montalto, Network and Wireless Communications Administrator for YESCO. “We can configure and activate the CradlePoint routers as groups or independently. We have greatly improved the speed to deployment and the ability to troubleshoot once a sign has been deployed.”

Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, YESCO designs, fabricates, installs, and provides ongoing maintenance for signage ranging from traditional vinyl and neon signs for small businesses to landmark digital signs like the largest digital sign in the world on the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. In the 1930’s, YESCO made its mark by pioneering the creation of neon spectacular signs. Today, YESCO is at the forefront of creating network connected digital signage that is literally changing the face of advertising.
YESCO wanted to offer its customers a connected digital signage solution with “plug and play” networking capability. Previously, customers provided their own Internet connection, which may have required them to trench for a wired line or provide expensive antennas at their own costs. As YESCO’s digital signage solutions have grown in size, more and more operational functions of their signs like the air conditioning unit and security systems have required network connectivity. With the deployment of thousands of signs, YESCO’s IT operations required remote management capability of every sign from a central location. YESCO signs needed a highly reliable, robust, and easy to integrate network solution that could, be managed through the cloud, accommodate wired and wireless connections, and improve YESCO’s overall end product by simplifying the customer experience.
Turning to CradlePoint, YESCO selected the CradlePoint COR IBR600 series router for its small form factor, two Ethernet ports, its cloud-based management capability, and its resistance to 140 F temperatures on the Las Vegas strip. With two Ethernet ports, the CradlePoint COR IBR600 can support a converged infrastructure with wired and wireless connections. All of the signs’ operations that rely on network connections are assigned their own static IP addresses run by the CradlePoint. 4G speeds allow surveillance cameras to stream video to monitor the sign’s operations and for security purposes. YESCO also uses Enterprise Cloud Manager CradlePoint’s remote management application platform to activate, configure, and manage the network connectivity of signs making IT more productive.
YESCO needed a networking solution that was small enough to fit in its signs, yet robust enough to power the network connectivity of the signs’ supporting functions like surveillance cameras, heat monitoring, and the security system. The CradlePoint COR IBR600 managed remotely through the cloud with Enterprise Cloud Manager for dynamic management allowed for easy integration into the sign, reliable operations, and flexible networking through wired and wireless connections.

“We make some of the largest digital signs in the world, so downtime is not an option,” said Montalto. “Coupled with Enterprise Cloud Manager, the CradlePoint COR IBR600 provides the most reliable network solution for the multiple applications that require connectivity to function in our signs.”

Cloud-based Network Management
YESCO deploys and manages thousands of signs to remote locations. Using Enterprise Cloud Manager, YESCO’s IT team can more rapidly configure and deploy the connectivity of those signs. Remote monitoring and management also means uptime is maximized and data usage is optimized resulting in fewer truck rolls and increased productivity for IT.

“With Enterprise Cloud Manager we have each sign’s network at our fingertips,” said Montalto. “We can configure and activate the CradlePoint routers as groups or independently. We have greatly improved the speed to deployment and the ability to troubleshoot once a sign has been deployed.”

The CradlePoint COR IBR600 Router provides YESCO and its customers with the flexibility to connect through wired or wireless networks (3G/4G/WiFi), which allows for the placement of signs wherever a cell signal is available.

“The flexibility to connect with wired and wireless connections provides us and our customers with a sign that is network ready and easier to deploy,” said Montalto. “If a wired line is not available, customers no longer need to assume the costs of trenching to find a wired line, which translates into a much smoother installation process.”

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Source: CradlePoint