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GSMA Announces Progress on Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme



“The GSMA recognises the support and participation of Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE who have satisfied the scheme’s security requirements via an independent security audit and we congratulate them on achieving this important first step,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA. “By committing to NESAS, vendors are helping network operators, and other stakeholders make informed decisions about secure product development. We look forward to others participating in the scheme, evidencing their commitment to good security practice by promoting a security-by-design culture within the industry.”

During the second stage of NESAS, vendors will submit network equipment products to qualified test laboratories for evaluation. This stage involves laboratories running security tests, defined by 3GPP, and checking that the products undergoing evaluation have been developed under the assessed development and lifecycle management processes. The evaluation concludes with the production, by the test laboratory, of a valuation report that records the test results. The report is provided to the vendor who can make it available to its customers and other stakeholders at its discretion.

The GSMA is actively supporting the latest developments and the efforts being made within the industry to increase network infrastructure security levels. NESAS represents a critical industry initiative that increases transparency and incentivises vendors to develop and support network equipment in a way that protects operators and their customers and can underpin national security requirements. The GSMA looks forward to the participation and support of the mobile industry and other stakeholders.

Source: GSMA


USB Power Supplies With Surface Mount Housing Designed For Public Transport Applications


Co-Star have developed a range of USB power supplies with a surface mount housing designed to fit on any surface either vertically or horizontally or underneath a dash that enables fast and easy installation into: Buses, Coaches. Trains and Taxis.

AS242UP (Medium)

Available as a single or twin port the USB chargers are dual voltage DC 12-24V and are compatible with all the latest types of smartphones and tablet devices including: Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony.

The USB housing is manufactured using a tough nylon material that is glass fiber reinforced so it can be used in harsh environments including: Public Transport, Emergency Service Vehicles and Marine applications.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented;

” One of the benefits of using public transport is that it enables people to use the travelling time productively using their mobile devices so this really is a USP for Transport companies and it is crucial that they offer accessible charging facilities otherwise people will simply choose another operator that does have charging facilities. We have developed the housing using tough re-inforced materials that offers versatile installation options into all different types of public transport vehicles”.

Ordering information:

Single port version: Part No: CL.9/AS241-1                      Dual port version: Part No: CL.9/AS242-2

Source: Co-Star


Leagoo to compete with domestic rivals in the premier league

Rising Leagoo targets rivals Huawei, Lenovo

Upcoming China-based smartphone company Leagoo plans to step up global competition with its domestic rivals, after announcing a branding partnership with Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur.

Leagoo, founded in 2009, counts more than 50 million customers worldwide and said it is now a top ten brand based on its strength in Africa and Asia.

The company is looking to boost its business presence globally through a five year partnership with the football club, as well as create a new range of Tottenham Hotspur branded phones and accessories for customers and fans around the world.

Speaking at a press conference at Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground in London, Leagoo’s CEO Johnson Zhuang (pictured, centre) said while rivals Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo were more established, he was confident in his company’s ability to “move faster”.

“We can achieve things quickly and are very active in what we want to achieve,” he said, adding: “For a company like Huawei it may take six months to a year to launch something. We can do it in a month.”

“We also look to bring product innovations and we are focused on providing a different experience.”

Most connected UK stadium
Tottenham Hotspur’s head of partnerships Fran Jones added the club opted to partner with Leagoo, and not a more established player, because it saw similarities in the way the two companies were planning to grow.

Indeed, Tottenham has seen a dramatic upturn both on and off the pitch in recent years.

The club finished runners up in their domestic league last year, and is currently building a new 61,000 seater stadium, which is set to be ready in 2018.

“We are always keen to work with brands that are hungry and trying to grow their business, and we saw synergies in the way they are conducting themselves and the way we are conducting ourselves,” Jones said.

Today’s press conference saw the club roll out a number of first team players, including 2016/17 Premier League top scorer, Harry Kane (pictured, second left).

Jones added Tottenham Hotspur was looking to ensure its new stadium will be “the best connected” in the UK, with the potential of striking partnerships with mobile operators.

He also added the company looked forward to working with UK operator EE this year, when the club temporarily play their home games at Wembley stadium while the new ground is being built.

Source: Mobile World Live

Police crackdown on use of mobiles when driving


Police in England and Wales are conducting a week-long crackdown on motorists who use their mobile phones while driving.

The operations will include dedicated patrols and messages on road signs.

The move follows government plans to double fines and points for using a mobile while driving.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council said the campaign aims “to make ‘driving distracted’ as socially unacceptable as drink driving”.

The national week of action comes after a previous one in May, which the police said resulted in the detection of 2,323 offences across the week.

It comes after an RAC survey in September suggested the number of motorists illegally using mobile phones while at the wheel was rising.

Of the motorists asked, 31% said they had used a handheld phone behind the wheel compared with 8% in 2014.

‘Innovative approaches’

As part of the latest campaign week, police officers will work together with paramedics to educate the public on the risks of using phones while driving.

The officers on the dedicated patrols will be using unmarked vans, helmet cams, high-seated vehicles and high vantage points to catch offenders, the police said.

There will also be social media videos and messages, schemes enabling “community spotters” to target repeat offenders, and messages which will be displayed on commuter routes telling motorists to leave their phones alone.

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport from the NPCC said tackling mobile phone use by drivers needed “innovative approaches”.

“When you’re getting in your car, remember don’t put others at risk – keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.”

Police should target the persistent offenders just like any other crime, AA president Edmund King told BBC Radio 5 live.

Drivers are “addicted” to their phones and there are lessons to be learnt from drink-driving and seatbelt campaigns, he said.

Mr King added it was crucial to have enforcement behind any “hard-hitting” campaign.

‘Dangerous pastime’

People checking social media and texting is much more common than taking calls at the wheel, PC Derek Kitcher of Gwent Police told BBC Radio 5 live’s Breakfast programme.

He said most offenders do not realise that a police car is next to them until an officer beeps their horn.

Fellow officer Sgt Leighton Healan told the programme it was something that was becoming socially unacceptable and was a “dangerous pastime”.

Drink-driving was a personal choice whereas mobile phone usage was almost a spontaneous offence, he said.

“What we want to do is educate people, raise awareness around the use of mobile phones and prevent it in the first place. As a police force I’m not always keen to issue that fine if education is better served.”

Source: BBC News


Co-Star provide USB power for people in car’s, buses and trains.



The Co-Star range of panel mounted USB charging ports  are  designed to be professionaly fitted on the dashboard or facia of cars and commercial vehicles or underneath the seats on buses and trains and comes complete with a facia plate. A dedicated USB port to charge all the latest mobile devices whilst people are on the move.

The twin port version has dedicated ports to charge the latest Apple (port 1 for Apple 2.1amp) and Android (port 2). A compact multi-purpose charging point that works well in confined spaces for all the latest mobile devices including Apple i-phones, i-pads, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Co-Star have manufactured the USB cahargers using a tough  marine grade material that is flame retardant and offers high performance in harsh demanding environments. A prorective cap is also included to offer added protection.


To highlight the location of the USB charger Co-Star have added a stylish blue LED indicator which is particularly usefull when fitting the chargers in buses, coaches and trains,  helping guide passengers to the charging point.

The USB socket is compatible with the latest charging leads that come with the latest i devices, smartphones and tablets. The twin socket allows two lots of equipment to be  simulttaneously charged. For added protection the socket comes complete with a protective cap for use in harsh environments and adverse weather conditions.

The chargers are connected to the vehicles battery, fuse box or wiring loom by connecting female 6.3mm connectors on to the 6.3mm male connectors on the charger.


Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star commented: ” Co-Star have designed the innovative range of USB chargers so that they can be installed into a wide range of vehicles. Just recently we received an order from a large London taxi company who wanted to offer passengers the facility of charging their mobile devices whilst in the black cabs. We have also supplied them to bus and coach manufacturers and train operators who like them as they offer passengers the facility to both charge their devices and keep them charged if working on the move.








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Image 1 Front of the USB charger.

Image 2 Rear of the USB charger.

Image 3 Installed in a London Taxi.

Source: Co-Star


BigChange selects Samsung to roll out service management platform for Apprentice 2015 winner Joseph Valente

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced that it has been chosen as the preferred partner of BigChange Apps to roll out its JobWatch mobile app for ‘The Apprentice’ winner Joseph Valente’s plumbing company Impra Gas. The service management platform has been installed exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Tab Actives and will be used by Valente’s new company, which he recently launched after winning the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

“We’re really excited to be working with BigChange and Impra Gas on this project. Before any new business can get off the ground, it needs to have the structure in place to manage its workforce effectively, particularly one with employees out in the field,” said Graham Long, VP for the Enterprise Business Team, at Samsung UK and Ireland. “Joseph has got some really ambitious plans for Impra Gas and through the JobWatch system and our tablets he will have the tools he needs to grow as quickly as he can.”


JobWatch, an all-in-one system for planning, managing, scheduling and tracking mobile workforces, will allow Valente to manage his workforce out in the field using Samsung Galaxy Tab Actives and help improve overall customer service. Through JobWatch, customers will be able to book jobs, which will be automatically scheduled to the correctly skilled engineer on a mobile app, who will have the health and safety, compliance and job instructions all at hand through their tablet. Customers will receive live updates confirming the estimated time of arrival for the engineers and receive electronic job cards including certificates related to the job performed. The new partnership will replace manual planning and paperwork and provides an efficient way to keep the office in sync with the mobile teams.


Samsung was chosen because its Galaxy Tab Active has an IP67 rating with dust and waterproofing, meaning the tablet is equipped to resist the drops and knocks that occur for plumbers every day on the job. The inbuilt stylus means the JobWatch app can also be used by workers with gloves on and the HD camera ensures that employees take photos for site surveys and proof of work easily. Invoicing will also be prompt thanks to the excellent 4G connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab.


“Having worked with Samsung on a number of projects before, we knew they were the perfect partner for this opportunity, said Martin Port CEO at BigChange Apps. “For any company with workers out in the field, it’s imperative they have a great mobility solution in place on a secure and rugged device to keep in regular contact with head office. This ensures a smooth process and avoids any delays that may be passed on to their customers. Our customers love the quality and dependability Samsung’s devices provide and we had no hesitation in recommending to use them with Impra Gas.”


Joseph Valente, Founder of Impra Gas commented, “We chose the JobWatch system because we have ambitious plans to grow this company as quickly as possible and needed an outlet that allows a system to manage our workforce efficiently and help us provide an excellent service to our customers. Bringing an established brand such as Samsung on board is really exciting and, having seen the great work BigChange and Samsung have done together in the past, I have no doubt that this technology partnership will help take Impra Gas to the next level…”

Source: Big Change Apps/Samsung

Lenovo and Google Partner On New Project Tango Device


Today at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lenovo announced the development of the first consumer mobile device with Project Tango in collaboration with Google. Available in summer 2016, the new smartphone, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, turns the screen into a magic window that can overlay digital information and objects onto the real world. Lenovo, Google, and Qualcomm Technologies are working closely together to optimize the software and hardware to ensure consumers get the most out of the Project Tango platform.Google’s Project Tango is a technology platform that uses advanced computer vision, depth sensing, and motion tracking to create on-screen 3D experiences, allowing users to explore their physical environments via their device. Specialized hardware and software combine to let the device react to every movement of the user, when they step forward, backward, or lean side to side. App developers can transform your home into a game level, or create a magic window into virtual and augmented environments. Project Tango-enabled devices can recognize places they’ve been before, like your living room, the office, or public spaces. Unlike GPS, Project Tango motion tracking works indoors, allowing users to navigate precisely through a shopping mall, or even find a specific item at the store where that information is available. Using the sensor in the device, Project Tango devices can also capture the 3D dimensions of the room, giving measurements that can be used to help you when shopping for furniture or decorations.

As part of the partnership, we’re also inviting developers to help grow the budding Project Tango app ecosystem. Project Tango’s advanced technology capabilities let developers create apps they couldn’t have before. Starting today at, developers can submit their Project Tango app proposals for a chance to win funding and the chance to have their app featured on Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone. The submission period closes on Feb. 15, 2016.

The Project Tango Tablet Development Kit can be purchased in the Google Store:

Find official guidelines, eligibility requirements, and judging criteria here:

“To break new ground in today’s hypercompetitive smartphone and tablet industries, we must take innovation risks – it’s the only way to truly change the way people use mobile technology,” says Chen Xudong, senior vice president and president, Mobile Business Group, Lenovo. “Together with Google we’re breaking down silos by working across mobile hardware and software. Turning our shared vision into reality will create a more holistic product experience that captures the imagination of today’s consumer.”

“With Project Tango, the smartphone becomes a magic window into the physical world by enabling it to perceive space and motion that goes beyond the boundaries of a touch screen,” said Johnny Lee, Project Tango Lead, Google. “By working with Lenovo, we’ll be able to make Project Tango more accessible to users and developers all over the world to both enjoy and create new experiences that blends the virtual and real world.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is very pleased that Lenovo and Google are bringing a Project Tango-enabled device to the mainstream so that consumers can experience a whole new level of advanced connected mobile computing apps and services across video, imaging and graphics,” said Seshu Madhavapeddy, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies.  “Qualcomm Technologies has a rich and long history with working with the developer community to ensure that all of the experiences that Project Tango and Lenovo are set to deliver are optimized for the Snapdragon processor.”

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a $46 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology. Our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including the legendary Think and multimode YOGA brands), workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs and a family of mobile products like smartphones (including the Moto brand), tablets and apps. Join us on LinkedIn, follow us onFacebook or Twitter (@Lenovo) or visit us at

Co-Star showcasing USB Panel Mounted Power Supplies at Coach & Bus Live


CL.9/AS232A Twin Port Charger installed in a London Taxi


Co-Star USB Power Dock display at the Coach & Bus live exhibition.

Co-Star USB Power Dock display at the Coach & Bus live exhibition.

Co-Star will be showcasing the latest in-vehicle USB power technologies designed to charge the latest Apple i-devices and other Smartphones at the Coach & Bus live exhibition at the NEC from the 30th September to the 1st October.

There are two models available a twin port version that has a dedicated port for the latest Apple i-devices rated at 2.1 amps and a port for standard smartphone devices including; Samsung, HTC, Sony and a single port version rated at 2.1 amps suitable for i-devices.

The panel mount design allows for a professional low profile flush fit in a confined space which is ideal for bus and coach manufactures.

Manufactured from tough marine grade materials means the chargers can withstand use in heavy duty applications including: Public Transport, Commercial Vehicles, Ambulances, Fire Engines and Boats.

The LED indicator alerts the user when their device is fully charged and the detachable cover provides extra protection from harsh environments.

  • Provides passengers with power to charge their mobile devices resulting in increased passenger numbers.
  • Low-profile flush fit for easy installation in tight confined spaces.
  • Compatible with all the latest Smart Phones and Apple i-devices.
  • Manufactured from marine grade materials for use in harsh environments.

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ZTE unveils latest Blade Smartphone with Smart Home Gateway

Blade D6

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI: ZTE has unveiled its thinnest Blade series smartphone and introduced its first ‘Smart Home’ gateway at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015.

The 5-inch HD Blade D6 is just 6.95mm thick and weighs 120g. It appears to be a slightly leaner version of the S6 announced in January. The 4G device has an aluminum alloy body and features a quad-core 1.3GHz chipset. It runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The D6 has an 88-degree wide-angle 5 megapixel front facing camera and an ultra-HD 13 megapixel rear camera. It comes in pink, gold, grey and silver and will first be available in Australia, Russia and Japan.

The Smart Home gateway enables users to communicate with home devices ranging from light switches to baby monitors via ZigBee and LTE connections. A mobile application for smartphones and tablets allows quick and easy control over a broad range of smart home devices, covering home management, home security, and health and safety, the company said.

Source: Mobile World Live – Joseph Waring

Effortless Smartphone Charging With The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad




Co-star have added the latest super cool Samsung Wireless charging pad which offers convenient, effortless charging  to our range of Mobile Phone accessories.

The latest universal wireless charging station from Samsung will charge most of the latest Smartphone devices that are Qi compatible. The micro USB connection gives the charger the versatility to be used in numerous envronments including: The home, office, car, bus or train.  The LED indicator which is blue when charging and green when fully charged is a great feature that reinforces your device is charging and when it is fully charged and ready to take on the World! The wireless design keeps wires down to a minimum for a cool minimalist clutter free look in the living room, bedroom or office.


Distinctive Design

Unlike most conventional chargers, the Samsung Wireless Charging pad is both unique and beautiful in design. It’s clear, glass-look details and glossy finish add a touch of sophistication, and allows it to fit in well with a variety of interior settings.

Effortless Charging

Charging your phone is easier than ever with the Samsung Wireless Charger. No need to connect a cable to your smartphone – simply place your mobile device on the charger pad and watch it charge……so easy!

Highly Compatible

The Samsung Wireless charger complies with WPC wireless charging standards and allows you to enjoy reliable and convenient charging for a large range of devices. It provides you with great charging results every time – minus the hassle of wires.

Safety and Compatibility
Thanks to its Qi certification by the Wireless Power Consortium the Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with any other Qi certificated mobile device.


The Samsung Wireless charger is now available from Co-Star to order please click on the following link:

Samsung Part No: EP-PG920IBEGWW

Source: Co-Star