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Police in London stop driver looking for Wi-Fi in operation against mobile phone use whilst driving

untitledPolice in London recently launched a week long operation to crackdown on people using mobile phones whilst driving in the capital after statistics showed a rise in the number of people killed or seriously injured in accidents involving mobiles.

Officers targeted accident hotspots across London using an unmarked HGV to get a higher vantage point to spot offenders. Cameras inside the HGV filmed evidence to help with prosecutions.

Commander Neil Jerome commented:

“Already this morning Police motorcyclists stopped three individuals. One was using a table computer whilst driving and her excuse was she was trying to connect to wi-fi. She will be prosecuted.”

The Scotland Yard initiative comes 11 months after the penalties and fines for the crime were doubled.

The operation comes after figures revealed two people were killed and nine seriouslt injured in collisions involving mobie phone use in 2016 an increase on 2015.

Co-Star supply a range of hands-free car kits to aid safe communication whilst driving. Kits are available for both cars and HGV vehicles.

The Parrot bluetooth CK.3100 is designed for cars and offers seamless phone book contact synchronisation. The audio quality is very good when used with a car specific audio connection lead.

The Bury CP1000 is a 24V hands-free cab-phone designed for HGV vehicles. It’s a SIM free phone which is easy to use and is very robust for commercial every day use.

Source: London Evening Standard/Co-Star