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Largest Carsharing Service is Launched in Brazil, Powered by Vulog

This week, LDS Group and Vulog announced the launch of the largest one-way carsharing service in Brazil, Urbano Carsharing.

The project will start with a pilot followed by a full launch in September 2017. The service will officially open to the public with 95 total vehicles – 80 Smart cars and 15 fully electric BMW i3s. The first of its kind in the country, this eco-friendly Urbano fleet will give the residents of São Paulo a new and more convenient option for getting around. The easy-to-use service operates on a one-way basis, meaning drivers can end the trip anywhere in one of the 35 designated Home Zones (places like Moema, Vila Nova Conceição and Vila Madalena, to name a few) for less than a traditional taxi. On average, users will pay ~R$1.45 per minute.

Through Urbano’s smartphone app, users will be able to locate all available vehicles, reserve a car and unlock its doors. The service is powered by Vulog, and its end-to-end technology solution, including Smartphone Apps, In-Car Technology and a Back End to operate the service.

Vulog is leading the shared mobility revolution around the world. With this new partnership, the company will be present in ten countries on four continents. Other clients and partners include Evo Car Share in Vancouver, GreenMobility in Copenhagen, PSA in Madrid with emov, and Mevo in New Zealand, etc.

“The fundamental pillars of Urbano Carsharing are the reduction of traffic and the decrease in pollution in the city, which will lead to a healthier quality of life for the people of São Paulo,” said Leonardo Domingos, CEO of LDS. “The intention is to encourage the regular use of the vehicles for travel between home and work, though the customers can use them for all of their travel needs.” “Urbano is bringing the right service to the right city at the right time,” said Greg Ducongé, CEO of Vulog. “São Paulo is a prime city for free-floating carsharing, and Urbano will fill a much needed demand for cleaner and more convenient transportation. We are proud to partner with them in this endeavor.”


Vulog is the world leader in the new generation of car-sharing technology – Free-Floating / One-Way. Vulog offers end-to-end solutions enabling mobility operators to launch large-scale car sharing services. Vulog works alongside OEMs, mobility operators, car rental companies, start-ups, etc. Clients include carsharing operators Evo Carshare in Vancouver (1250 vehicles), Communauto in Montreal (650v), PSA – emov in Madrid (550v) and Green Mobility in Copenhagen (400v), among others.

Source: Vulog


LYNK Delivers Connectivity with Ericsson Cloud Technology

Ericsson Digital Key unlocks possibilities for LYNK & CO

Expanding from a car to an experience

LYNK & CO are ready to transform the entire car owning (and sharing) experience with the launch of their debut model at Auto Shanghai in April 2017. The product of a Chinese/Swedish collaboration, LYNK & CO sets a new standard for the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

The digital key developed by Ericsson is one of the groundbreaking standard features included with the premiere LYNK & CO 01 model. Working in unison with a mobile app, the digital key will transform car ownership for both private consumers and fleet owners.

How the Ericsson Digital Key works

With a digital key and car sharing platform developed by Ericsson, owners can easily allow friends and family secure, time-limited access to their LYNK & CO car.

LYNK & CO is more than a just new car brand

Consumers are looking for alternative models of car ownership, and new ways to experience mobility and connectivity. To answer that demand, LYNK & CO set out to create a connected car that is always available, reliable and able to upgrade over time.

LYNK & CO knew they couldn’t do everything themselves, they needed a reliable partner with global experience in IoT and Cloud connectivity. With the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud, the LYNK & CO team found the ideal platform to turn their vision into reality.

Ericsson enables digital transformation

To allow open and agile innovation, Ericsson and LYNK & CO have partnered to create an open platform for digital services. This secure, but open ecosystem allows third party developers to create innovative digital services built specifically for automobiles.

This allows our cars to become enabled devices, with unique sensors and capabilities. Just as apps have changed the way we use our phones, LYNK & CO are ready to transform the way we use and experience automobiles.

Global scale with the Connected Vehicle Cloud

Chinese consumers will have the first chance at the LYNK & CO experience, with roll-out in the United States and Europe planned for later in 2017. By utilizing the global reach of the Connected Vehicle Cloud, LYNK & CO will be able to expand quickly, with a consistently high-quality offering fitted to each new market.

As we have with LYNK & CO, we tailor the Connected Vehicle Cloud to the needs of each customer, with the ability to scale globally, and adjust locally. We are proud to point to our ongoing collaboration with LYNK & CO as a model for the digital transformation of the auto industry.

Source: Ericsson

SK Telecom & Socar collaborate on connected car service


  • Collaborate with SOCAR to jointly build a connected car service supported by SK Telecom’s IoT network ‘LTE-M’
  • Plans to also provide its vehicle infotainment tablet installed with the T Map app to enrich driver’s in-vehicle experience
  • The MOU marks as a milestone for its IoT business as it applies its IoT platform and infrastructure to car sharing business

South Korean operator SK Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SOCAR, the largest car-sharing company in Korea, to cooperate in the connected car business.

Under the MOU, SK Telecom and SOCAR will collaboratively develop and launch an innovative connected car service to enhance user experience in the era of IoT. SK Telecom will provide SOCAR with its in-car infotainment device installed with the T Map platform, and the cars will be connected via SK Telecom’s IoT network ‘LTE-M*.’ The connected car service will go through a pilot test in the end of this year and is expected to launch in the first half of 2017.

* SK Telecom has completed the nationwide rollout of the two key IoT-dedicated networks, namely LTE-M (as of March 2016) and LoRaWAN (as of June 2016) to perfectly support the widest range of IoT services.

With the support of the LTE-M network, the car sharing service users will be able to remotely control the car in real-time with no delay via their smartphones, and the car will be seamlessly connected to the control center to send/receive information.

Moreover, installed with SK Telecom’s user-friendly infotainment tablet equipped with T Map, the nation’s no.1 mobile navigation service provided by SK Telecom, SOCAR’s rental cars will deliver a new level of user experience through enriched infotainment services. For instance, users will not only experience the most accurate navigation service, but will also be able to enjoy diverse multimedia content and make future car sharing service reservations.

Car sharing service is growing rapidly throughout the world as it enables users to conveniently rent cars while saving cost. With the development and adoption of advanced ICT including connected car technologies, SK Telecom expects to create new business models that will bring differentiated value to customers.

“Through cooperation with SOCAR, SK Telecom successfully expands its IoT infrastructure and platform to the car sharing business,” said Kim Young-joo, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business Office of SK Telecom. “We will work closely with SOCAR to develop and provide more advanced connected car services.”

Source: SK Telecom