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Co-Star Develop GT5 Adaptor For Installation Improvisation

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Co-Star have developed an adaptor cable that quickly converts an  antenna terminated with an FME male or female to a GT5 connector which than interfaces with the in-car communications device.

GT5 connectors have been designed for use in heavy duty applications were there is vibration and movement such as the automotive and marine industry. They lock securely on to the communications device and interface with the antenna ensuring that the RF signal strength is optimized for clear voice and mobile data communication.

GT5 connectors are common on a range of  devices including:  In-car communication, automotive audio systems, GPS antenna systems, RACS antenna audio/video antenna systems and LAN systems.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star;

” GT5 connectors can be difficult to crimp when engineers are working on site, so we developed the adaptors with an FME male and FME female which are the most common antenna terminations, our fly lead than quickly converts the antenna to GT5 allowing versatility and improvisation on installation projects ”

Source: Co-Star




The Antenna play’s a vital role in the performance of wireless gateway’s installed in vehicles

To maximise the performance of vehicle wireless routers it is essential that you install the correct type of antenna.

The key points to consider are:

Mounting Position. A panel mounted antenna is always going to out perform any other type  of antenna but this is not allways practical to install in some vehicles so other options include internal antennas that fit on the vehicles windscreen or dashboard or magnetic mount antennas.



Fits Internally.  Cellular, Wifi, GPS/GNSS Telematics Antenna. Fits securely on the windscreen or dash using acrylic adhesive. Very easy to install.

External panel/roof mount. GPS/GNSS, MiMo 4G/3G/2G & Optional MiMo 2.4/4.9-6GHz.



Mini Magnetic Mount Wifi Antenna (SMA).Wireless LAN 2400-2485 MHz


Network compatibility. Most IoT applications work on a combination of Cellular LTE, WiFi and other WLAN technologies like Bluetooth and Zigbee and LPWAN (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox) and GPS, GNSS for location. Wireless networks use a dedicated frequency range which the antenna needs to cover.

Cable. To optimise the antennas performace it’s best to minimise the length of cable used as long lenghths of cable can result in signal loss. It’s essential that any cable extenisons used are low loss RG58 coax for the cellular part of the router and double shielded dielectic coax which offers excellent performance up to 6GHz for the WiFi application on the router. Co-Star can manufacture RG58 cable extensions with any combination of connector and cable length. Click here for more information> 

Connectors. The most common connector used on wireless Gateway’s is the SMA series. A standard SMA male is normally used for the cellular application and a reverse polarity SMA male is used for the WiFi application. Some manufacturers of wireless devices do use alternative connectors, to help you choose the correct connector please click on the following  link co-star-connector-matrix.

Co-Star supply a huge range of Antennas and cable assemblies for IoT applications. Please visit our website for more information>

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Co-Star launch Multi-Function Telematics Antenna for Connected Vehicles



Co-Star have lauched a multi-function antenna to enhance the performance and coverage of the very latest vehicle communications and telematics technologies.

The GPSCO is a versatile antenna for Cellular LTE, WiFi, GPS/GLONASS and is designed to fit quickly and easily onto the dashboard or windscreen of the vehicle using an acrylic adhesive pad that is supplied with the antenna.

The antenna is manufactured using the latest flame retardant and low smoke specification materials and the housing is UV resistant which makes it suitable for installation on M3 Category vehicles (UNECE Reg 118). It comes with 3 meters of CS29 coaxial cable and is terminated with either SMA male connectors or FAKRA female (blue, beige, bordeaux).

This is a great product for maximising the network coverage on fleet management systems, vehicle wireless routers and GPS navigation systems.

Please click the links below for more information

Terminated with SMA connectors>

Terminated with FAKRA connectors>

Source: Co-Star