Co-Star to launch a range of 2.92mm Series K-Connectors

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Co-Star the Harrogate based ICT company who supply globally are launching a range of 2.92mm K connectors for applications up to 40GHz.

2.92 connectors are also called K connectors. They are a precision connector with high mechanical stability designed tp perform mode free to 40GHz. The interface is similar to an SMA connector, but utilizes an air dielectric and a smaller internal body diameter support for a higher cut off frequency.

The outer conductor measures 2.92mm  with a strong outer body wall compared to dielectric loaded interfaces of comparable size.

2.92mm connectors are mechanically compatible with SMA and 3.5mm connectors, but the male center pin is shortened to allow outer conductor engagement before the center contacts mate, preventing damage to the female contact pins.


Co-Star are developing 2.92mm male and female crimp connectors and a range of adaptors including male to male and male to female.


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