HERE launches Mobility On-Demand, a powerful toolkit for developers building ride-hailing and food delivery apps


 HERE have launched HERE Mobility On-Demand, a powerful and flexible toolkit for on-demand app developers, enabling them to build location-centric features into their apps and go to market quickly.

HERE Mobility On-Demand is priced and packaged specifically for on-demand companies, supporting a full range of services such as ride-hailing, carpooling, food delivery, package delivery and professional services.

The toolkit includes high quality mapping, addressing, traffic-aware routing, analytics and visualization capabilities to help developers quickly build apps their users, drivers and agents will love and trust. It also offers a simple pay-per-order pricing plan that depends only on the number of orders booked, making it an ideal option for start-ups and large organizations alike.

Leon van de Pas, Head of Internet of Things at HERE, said: “Congestion, roadworks and bad addressing are a constant headache for companies operating in a complex market where every single minute makes a difference. Our new toolkit brings together a set of advanced location capabilities to help developers address these challenges and make their app stand above the rest.”

The HERE Mobility On-Demand toolkit supports end-to-end-development and includes HERE Geocoder, HERE Isoline Routing, HERE Matrix Routing and HERE Mobile SDK.

Developers may choose to build their own custom navigation using HERE’s software development kit to offer an enhanced brand experience, or they can deeplink their mobile app to HERE’s own urban mobility app HERE WeGo and go to market quickly.

Apps built using the toolkit will render a consistent map experience across screens and users, facilitate precise pick-up and drop-off locations with proximity alerts, provide traffic-enabled navigation and pedestrian guidance and support up-to-date estimated times of arrival.

HERE Mobility On-Demand has already been deployed by a number of leading on-demand service providers in different parts of the world.

For example, Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, worked with HERE to further streamline its backend dispatch system and make its passenger and driver apps work seamlessly. By using the HERE Matrix API, Grab has been able to optimize the way drivers are assigned to passengers, making the process more efficient. Grab also uses the HERE Basic Routing API, enabling it to provide more reliable ETAs to passengers.

Volt, a popular on-demand peer-to-peer urban ride sharing app in Istanbul, Turkey, worked with HERE to empower their drivers with in-app turn-by- turn navigation, live traffic and optimal routing to their destination. Volt connects car owners that have empty seats with passengers looking for a lift in the same direction. The company aims to help reduce traffic congestion in Istanbul by connecting urban commuters in real-time.

Localift, an Australian founded friend-to-friend ridesharing startup, worked with HERE to enable the new app’s location capabilities, including routing journeys in real-time between lift organizers and lift requesters, providing turn-by-turn navigation and lift tracking visibility among family, friends and colleagues. With millions of free local lifts occurring every day, Localift makes it easier for groups to organize pick-ups and drop-offs using HERE’s extensive Places of Interest database ranging from local sporting fields and workplaces to restaurants and schools.

More information about HERE Mobility On-Demand can be found here:

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