Cowarobot Autonomous Robotic Suitcase That Will Follow You Around

 If you always wished your suitcase was a bit more like R2-D2, you’re in luck.

The Cowarobot is a new suitcase, now raising money on Indiegogo, that aims to make travel “less of a drag.”

The carry-on follows its owner wherever they go, thanks to a bracelet. Using a sensor, sonar and cliff-detection, Cowarobot will avoid obstacles and stay within a traveler’s eyesight when on the move. The suitcase has a maximum speed of about 4.5 mph, a bit faster than a brisk walk.

The 20” carry-on complies with IATA, ICAO and FAA regulations, according to the company.

 The suitcase’s one-touch lid lifts to reveal a compartment for laptops and other electronic devices. By making the cmopartment separate, it’s faster to get electronics out of your suitcase, into a plastic bin, and through security scanning. (However, it’s not clear how much space the compartment takes away from the rest of the storage.

 About 4 percent of the Cowarobot’s weight and size are robotics. When empty, the bag weighs a total of 9.9 pounds.

 The Cowarobot also comes with an app that includes tracking for the suitcase, weather forecasting, a digital lock and security system that syncs up to the traveler’s bracelet and the ability to track and share travel paths.

 And like all “smart” suitcases these days, Cowarobot also comes with a USB charger.

 Cowarobot also has a “manual mode.” To activate it, just pull out the handle and drag the suitcase along.

 The suitcase is currently selling on Indiegogo.

Source: Travel & Leisure

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