Valencia’s Mestalla Stadium uses LTE networks for significantly faster data uploads


Telefónica and Nokia deploy an innovative solution to expand network speed data transfer in Mestalla stadium

  • It allows improving data transmission up to 50% during football matches.
  • Leveraging base stations co-operation in the LTE networks. 

Telefónica and Nokia have reached an agreement and equipped Valencia’s Mestalla Stadium with an innovative technical solution, Nokia Centralized RAN, which optimizes the data network and increases about 50% the photographs and videos transmission speeds during football matches.

Telefónica is the first operator in Spain to deploy this solution improving data service for football fans.

The Mestalla stadium can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators who use their mobile devices to share photos and videos, mostly on social networks. The Nokia Centralized RAN solution facilitates the transmission and prevents network congestion by combining multiple base stations that co-operate with one another and increase the average uplink capacity in existing LTE networks enabling data upload significantly faster.

It also improves download speeds and extends the battery autonomy as devices no longer need to transmit at high power.

As commented by Joaquín Mata, Network Technology and Operations Director at Telefonica Spain: “Telefónica remains committed to building a cutting-edge network infrastructure in Spain, and to using innovative solutions that offer outstanding service quality. With Nokia, we are improving mobile broadband performance at Mestalla Stadium so our customers can share content with greater agility.”

Agustín Menchén, Telefónica Spain Account Head for Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “Major events impose high demands on mobile operators, but with the right vendor and solutions, it is possible to meet the needs of large numbers of people in small areas. Nokia Centralized RAN will help Telefónica build a denser LTE network to deliver higher capacity and more robust services.”

Source: Telefonica

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