First ‘Smart Dress’ that uses environmental data to predict the wearer’s emotions revealed by Telefónica R&D


  • The ‘Environment Dress’ is the winner of “Next Things 2015 – Behaviour”, the Fourth Global
    Art and Technology Challenge, presented by Telefónica R&D and LABoral Centre for Art and
    Industrial Creation
  • The dress was awarded for linking art, design and style with Internet of Things and machine
    learning technology

Telefónica R&D has announced the first ‘Smart Dress’
prototype that can accurately capture information about surrounding elements and analyse how it affects people’s emotions.

The ‘Environment Dress’ collects a wide set of data, including temperature, infra-red and
ultraviolet radiation, carbon monoxide and noise, then determines what environmental and
behavioural patterns the wearer is experiencing. The dress then alerts the wearer of the
potentially elevated presence of external agents.

The wearable, created with open source hardware and software, is the winning project from “Next Things 2015 – Behaviour”, the Fourth Global Art and Technology Challenge, presented by
Telefónica R&D and the LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation. The challenge sets out to
foster cross-discipline collaboration between the artistic, creative and technology communities.

In the near future the ‘Environment Dress’ is expected to geo-locate and share data with users
online for global accessibility. The creators are also working on a mobile application that will allow wearers to manage and personalise their parameters (lights, alarm systems, etc.).

The dress will also be able to indicate how the user is feeling at any given moment. Through
machine learning it will continuously learn from the measurements it takes and associate those
with the wearer’s emotions and moods. This means that in the future, the dress may be able to
predict certain moods and associate them with changes occurring in the wearer’s environment
such as changes in atmospheric pressure or increased noise.