Co-Star supply tamper evident blade fuse holders for telematics application

IMG_1061Co-Star, the UK based mobile communications company have helped a vehicle telematics installation company who install tracking & monitoring devices for fleet management applications come up with a solution for when drivers remove fuses from blade fuse holders to disenable tracking devices.

Vehicle Telematics companies who install fleet management systems face a major problem when the drivers identify the fuse holders & remove the fuses to stop the equipment working to avoid their vehicles being tracked.

The fuses are then replaced when an engineer is called out to investigate the problem which can result in a costly and wasted service for engineers and installation companies. Understandably this is only the minority of drivers who abuse these types of systems, but to overcome this Co-Star have designed a 20 amp in-line mini blade fuse holder which has a fluorescent yellow cable tie inserted through the cap, which can be tied securely around the fuse once fitted making it tamper proof.

Tim Cosgrove of Co-Star said,” Drivers tampering with the fuse holders used on Telematics equipment is a common problem for installation companies so we modified our standard fuse holder by drilling a small hole through the cap and inserting a bright yellow cable tie through the middle which means the only way the fuse can be removed is if the cable tie is cut”. “The yellow cable tie is not a standard product and difficult to get hold of making it extremely unlikely for anyone to attempt to remove it & if they did it would be evident immediately that someone had tampered with it”.

The fuse holders Co-Star used on the project were 20 amp mini blade type which are available with black, red or blue wires.

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