International Airport Measures critical runway conditions using sierra Wireless Airlink

Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s center for international air traffic and main transfer point amongst the many national and regional airports in Scandinavia and the area south of the Baltic Sea. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Business challenges

To ensure maximum safety for all passengers, Copenhagen Airport operations regularly measures weather-related runway conditions, such as temperature and moisture, to store and analyze data and provide status information to incoming flights. However, measuring variables like runway traction cannot be accomplished using typical sensor solutions, and the VHF datalink being used by Copenhagen Airport’s Runway Observation System (ROS) provided poor coverage. For the system to be truly mission critical, the runway area coverage issues needed to be addressed.

Sierra Wireless Airlink™ solution

Copenhagen Airport implemented a sophisticated solution upgrade consisting of a specialized vehicle fully loaded with advanced detection instruments and a ruggedized, 3G Sierra Wireless AirLink™ MP880W mobile router operating over broadband HSUPA networks.

”We contacted Sierra Wireless distributor Daimler Mobile Partner who recommended we use the AirLink MP880W router,” explained Thomas Lantz-Pedersen, project manager for Copenhagen Airport. ”We are very fond of the product’s durability, speed and functions, and it works – as it was supposed to – under even the most difficult conditions. Even the installation, with the PC, was done quickly and easily”

The MP880W ultra-rugged in-vehicle GPS router comes equipped with an 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi chip to increase flexibility and enable mobile hotspots with enhanced WAP security. The MP880W also meets US Military and SAE specifications for vibration, shock, drop and more. With the specialized Saab 95 Combo vehicle driving on the runway at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour, the driver depends on the consistent, reliable broadband communication provided by the MP880W to detect and relay even the smallest details that can affect flight security.

Copenhagen Airport’s specialized measurement system using the AirLink MP880W ultra-rugged in-vehicle GPS router produced the following benefits:

• Enabled remote vehicle management with high precision GPS tracking
• Facilitated seamless installation and deployment with advanced remote management tools and automatic system connection
• Built to rugged specifications for the harshest environmental conditions
• Provided uninterrupted, reliable connectivity for mission critical apps through ALEOS intelligence and added Wi-Fi support

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Source: Sierra case Study

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