Cloudy with a strong chance of great tunes: new MINI Connected-ready app brings the Amazon Cloud Music Player into the MINI


 The latest music app to launch on MINI Connected offers Amazon customers a convenient way of accessing their audio files on the online store’s Cloud server, using their smartphone in conjunction with the MINI hub. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and installed in the vehicle via the customer’s Apple iPhone.

As with other MINI Connected compatible apps the connection works using an iPhone, is operated in the usual safe, convenient and intuitive way using the MINI joystick, the steering wheel buttons and the high-resolution colour display of the in-car monitor. To use this or other MINI Connected apps and services the car must be fitted with the MINI Visual Boost radio or the MINI navigation system in conjunction with the MINI Connected option.

The Amazon Cloud Music Player can play audio files stored on the smartphone as well as those saved in the data cloud. The collection can be searched using criteria such as music genre, album or artist. Other functions include the ability to repeat individual or multiple titles, to play songs in a random order, and to compile favourites lists. Current song information – artist, title and album – is displayed on the in-car monitor.

To access a personal music collection in the Cloud, an Amazon customer ID and password is required, once this is entered, all audio files stored there will be available for online streaming. The online store offers its music customers a choice of around 26 million songs, which can be downloaded and simultaneously saved in the Cloud. Any music that the customer has purchased from Amazon in the form of a CD or vinyl LP can also be saved digitally in the Cloud and accessed from the MINI via the app.

The Amazon Cloud Music Player is just the latest in a long line of music entertainment apps and online services to launch on MINI Connected, with more to come. Others include AUPEO! Stitcher, Deezer, Audible, Napster/Rhapsody and TuneIn, as well as web-radio services and RSS news feeds. MINI is the only car brand in its segment offering customers such a wide variety of apps and services.

Source: BMW

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